Piet Hein

Piet Hein Trading Aps is a business that manages the retailing of Piet Hein’s iconic designs.

The company offers a wide range of products including furniture, lighting solutions and usable art.
Superegg 300 Pendant Opal/Red Cable - Piet Hein
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RA 250 P Black - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 538.00
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RA 250 P White - Piet Hein
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SuperEgg 150 P Red - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 192.00
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Super 115 Opal - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 188.00
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SuperEgg 200 P Red - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 236.00
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Super 90 Opal - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 147.00
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Piet Hein lamps

The rational idealist Piet Hein has often been labelled a universalist. He was a spiritual link to the renaissance ideals—a modern version of Leonardo da Vinci.

Unlike his historic idols, Piet Hein’s products are recognisable in spite of the fact that his work range from scientific texts to essays to lyrics to architecture. The trademark of any Piet Hein product is the attention to measurements, medium and content. Not a single line has been placed haphazardly.

Piet Hein is classic Danish design at its best.

Piet Hein used the super-ellipse for the first time in 1959, in connection with Stockholm’s Sergels Torv.

In the years that followed he played around with other uses for the harmonic shape. This process resulted in the super-egg, sports arenas, trays, textiles and so on.

The shape that started it all has remained the same throughout the company’s existence, so it would be fair to say that Piet Hein is impervious to the trends of the day.

A Piet Hein lamp is a lamp for life.

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