Rotaliana Wall Lamps

The Rotaliana brand was founded in 1989 in Trentino, Italy and since then the business has blossomed thanks to innovative and risk-taking designers. Emphasis has been placed on beauty and functionality instead of limitations, and new materials and shapes inform every design. Out-of-the-box thinking leads to products that bring joy to the heart.

String W0, designed by Donegani & Lauda, is a minimalist wall lamp with an adjustable arm and head; textile-covered elastic makes it movement fluid and flexible. String W1 has the same great features but longer arms, increasing your decorating options.

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Rotaliana's Italian sensibility with a twist of Scandinavian design has two primary qualities: creativity and innovation, both of which are founded in a great technical know-how about the development of lamps. The company collaborates with a large number of international designers with different backgrounds and viewpoints including Andrea Brazi, Federica Cevasco. Kengo Kuma and Burkhard Panteleit. Gorgeous Italian design, innovation, creativity, beauty, and unique functionality are some of the keywords at Rotaliana, and their many exciting and innovative lamps have won their way into the lives of consumers of all ages.

Since its establishment Rotaliana has been led by Stefano Vega, who monitors the company’s own products as well as international designs trends. His focus is modern lighting "developed for a specific purpose". It is important for Rotaliana to design lamps in beautiful materials as well as to ensure that the products signal quality and good taste

The Rotaliana collection of lamps includes designs that play with archetypal lamp design throughout history, among other ways through the use of new materials and production solutions.
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