Rotaliana is an Italian brand characterised by its hint of Scandinavian design. The company’s philosophy is centred on creativity and innovation, both of which are made possible by a certain ‘know how’ attitude to lamp manufacturing.
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The company has partnerships with a range of international designers from different backgrounds, such as Andrea Brazi, Federica Cevasco, Kengo Kuma and Burkhard Panteleit.

Rotaliana has designed an impressive range of innovative and fascinating lamps that have been well-received by design enthusiasts of all ages. Gorgeous Italian design, innovation, creativity, beauty and functionality are some of the key words in the Rotaliana manifesto.

Since its establishment in Trentino, Italy in 1989, Rotaliana has been run by Stefano Vega, who monitors and follows the developments of international designers. His priority is to ensure that modern lighting solutions are ‘developed to serve a particular purpose’, that purpose being to ensure continuous innovation. It is important to the company that the lamps it launches are made from lovely materials that signal quality and impeccable taste.

Rotaliana’s collection of lamps includes a range of designs that play with the archetypal lamp designs in recent history. This is achieved by playing around with things like materials and manufacturing processes.

Numerous lamps in the Rotaliana collection are based on the classic architect lamp, which has been reinvented for the modern age.

The company’s LUXY lamps are available in different colours, and the STRING collection of table and mounted lamps are functional lamps that provide excellent reading light.

The Coccia H1—H2 lamps are fabulous additions to any home, thanks to their remarkably simple expression.
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