Seletti Floor Lamps

The entertaining and artistic Seletti brand provides exciting floor lamps that are guaranteed to create a sense of personality and catch the eye. Through the combination of everyday objects and an artistic touch, Seletti creates lamps that well and truly stand out from the crowd.

Inspired by stadium lights, designer Emanuele Magini has created a truly unique floor lamp: the Multi-lamp floor lamp. With coated metal and six lampshades, the lamp has an industrial look and provides a practical light wherever you place it in your home.

The Street floor lamp is a natural extension of their playful universe, and it almost looks like it was taken straight out of an old-school comic strip. Inspired by old streetlights, the lamp has an informal touch thanks to its arched shape and gorgeous colours. With a height of 190 cm, the Street floor lamp can be used over dining tables or in conjunction with your sofa arrangement.

Browse the complete Seletti floor lamp range below.
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