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Swedish Ninja is not just a brand; it's a story of creativity, form and color that weaves itself beautifully into every product they create. Driven by a passion for Scandinavian design and led by talented designers, Swedish Ninja manages to blend tradition with innovation in a unique way. At Swedish Ninja, creativity is at the heart of everything they do. Their products connect the functional and the aesthetic, and they manage to think outside the box, resulting in unique designs that stand out. Their focus on colors and shapes is evident in each design, playing with contrasts and nuances to create a visual delight.

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Little Darling - Celebrating diversity

Little Darling - A celebration of difference One of their most iconic products is Little Darling, inspired by the striking height difference between designer and Swedish Ninja founder Maria Gustavsson and her husband Magnus, where she is short and he is tall. This product symbolizes not only the love between them, but also Swedish Ninja's ability to find inspiration in the up close and personal.

In addition to Little Darling, Swedish Ninja also offers a wide selection of products ranging from Big Darling to the Pluto Pendant or the Candy wall lamp, all characterized by their unique shapes, functions and, not least, colours. Each product is carefully designed with a blend of functionality and beauty that reflects the best of Scandinavian design.

Local Craftsmanship in Småland, Sweden

Swedish Ninja values local craftsmanship and proudly manufactures their lights in the historic furniture region of Småland, Sweden. This region, known for its long tradition of furniture production and craftsmanship, gives the company a unique advantage in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

The company works closely with small, family-owned suppliers in the area, which they value for their deep craftsmanship knowledge and commitment to maintaining traditional production methods. This approach not only ensures that each lamp meets their strict quality standards, but also serves to support and empower the local community.

Swedish Ninja's dedication to local production and collaboration with local artisans goes far beyond simply creating beautiful products. It's a way for the company to cherish Småland's unique craft traditions and contribute to its economic growth. This commitment to local craftsmanship is a central part of the company's identity and is clearly reflected in their passion for creating timeless and functional lights that capture the essence of Swedish design and craftsmanship.

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