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Table lamps are an incredibly simple and flexible way to play with interior design – the meeting point of practical lighting, decoration and ‘hygge’. We carry a huge selection of the best designer table lamps available today. Before you choose your table lamp, consider which need you want the lamp to accommodate. Do you want a warm light for a cosy atmosphere, a focused light for reading or working, or a sculptural addition to your décor? Our wide range of table lamps is home to bedside lamps, atmospheric fixtures for the living room, and practical lamps for workspaces.
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Designer table lamps from all the best brands

Here you’ll find table lamps from Danish producers like Louis Poulsen, Lightyears, &tradition, Piet Hein and Le Klint and Italian producers such as Flos, Luceplan, Artemide, Fosscarini and Kartell. You’ll see all of the greatest designers – Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Philippe Starck, Achille Castiglioni, Jasper Morrison, Rodolfo Dordoni, Verner Panton and many more.

But what’s a table lamp, really?
  • It is a designed object equipped with one or more light sources.
  • It can stand on a horizontal surface, and can be moved.
  • It typically provides indirect lighting.
  • It can be static or flexible in one or more directions.
  • It can be made of various different materials such as metal, fabric, plastic, concrete, glass or wood.

    Which table lamp should I choose?

    With a big selection to choose from comes a big decision – which table lamp should I choose? Which table lamp will work best with the rest of my decor? To make it easier to work out which table lamp is best for you here are a couple of points it would be worthwhile to consider…

    What other lamps are in the room?

    As a rule, table lamps give a muted and often downward-facing light – and therefore limited – light. Therefore, it’s important to consider the other light sources in the room. If the room is large with few light sources don’t count on a single table lamp make much of a difference. Table lamps are best at light small areas, like corners, so if you want to avoid lots of ‘islands’ of light you’ll need another stronger light source to fill the room. Pendants are a good solution in these situations. If you’re only lighting a small room, it may well be enough to have a single table lamp along with a floor lamp.

    What can I use a table lamp for?

    A table lamp’s function can be divided into two categories – mood lighting or working/reading lighting. Even though lots of table lamps give good light for reading many other work best at creating a mood, so it’s important to choose the right lamp for the job. If you want to create an intimate, cosy atmosphere perfect for relaxation and deep conversations you should consider table lamps like Flowerpot, Pineapple, Lightyears or Zoolight. On the other hand, if you need a good reading light that won’t cause eyestrain have a look at brands like LIGHT-POINT, Normann Copenhagen and Foscarini.

    Contact us if you need any help choosing exactly the right table lamp.

    All of our table lamps are delivered with a free bulb!

    Enjoy finding your new table lamp!
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