Lamps for the window sill

We don’t blame you for wanting a lamp on your windowsill. A windowsill is perfect for plants, knickknacks, and lamps because it receives lots of natural light during the day, and at night, the light flows out through the window, letting passers-by on their evening walk know that you’re nice and cosy inside.

Sadly, windowsills are often neglected in interior design. The slim surface makes it hard to find lamps that fit, and many people miss out on valuable interior design square meterage. That’s a shame, so here at Lampemesteren, we’ve rounded up the lamps with small bases that would be perfect for your windowsill!
Lilly Table Lamp Brown/Marble - Nordlux
RRP EUR 81.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Gun Bedside Table Lamp Gold - Flos
RRP EUR 2,059.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Milford Table Lamp Metal/Opal - Nordlux
RRP EUR 54.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp - Flos
RRP EUR 334.00
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Decorative lamps for your windowsill

If you want a lamp for your windowsill, the first thing you need to do is take some measurements. A wise man once said to measurer twice and cut once—and the same goes for lamps on the windowsill, except there’s no cutting involved (we hope).

Figure out the maximum width of the base, then figure out the maximum width of the lampshade. Once you have those measurements, you’re ready to dive into our collection. Figure out which style of lamp is best suited for your décor, and decide what kind of light you want.

If the nearest socket is far away—or you just don’t like cables—we recommend a portable lamp. To Go lamps are made to shine wherever you want them, and the windowsill is no exception. These days, most portable lamps can last at least a day, so you don’t need to charge them that often.
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