Portable lamps

You’ll find a wide range of portable lamps with built-in batteries in the To Go lamps category. The wireless lamp is genius for places that need a cosy light but aren’t near an outlet. Wireless lamps are also great for reading or creating the perfect atmosphere in a cosy nook.

Below is a selection of portable lamps for adults and children. Regardless of whether you need cosy wireless lighting for your dining table or to light the way when the young ones are playing and building blanket forts, there’s a lamp to suit your exact needs. Many of the wireless lamps are even fit for outdoor use, so you can bring them to the beach, out on the veranda, or with you on a picnic. Make sure to find a lamp that does what you need it to do. Most To Go lamps are easily charged by USB and provide light for at least four hours.
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Battery-powered LED lamps

As we all know, LED light uses significantly less energy that the standard incandescent bulb. That makes it the ideal fit for a portable lamp as the battery lasts for a limited time on one charge. The number of hours of light depend on the lamp, but the minimum is four hours. LED also has a long lifespan—even if you turn it on and off again and again.

One of the most popular To Go lamps—the FollowMe table lamp by Marset, has an LED light source with a three-step dimmer. At 100% brightness, the lamp can be used for around five hours while the lowest brightness level, which creates an atmospheric glow, can shine for up to 20 hours on a full charge. The lamp is charged using the USB cable included and is a fantastic solution for a portable light.

Battery-powered outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps provide light for orientation and to set the mood. A wireless lamp on the table in the garden allows you to create a cosy atmosphere on your veranda or balcony. We have a range of To Go lamps with an IP44 rating available, meaning that they are fit to withstand splashes of water. This makes them great for outdoor use as well as placement in a bathroom.

In 2020, the iconic Flowerpot table lamp by Verner Panton was launched in a portable version. The lamp has an IP44 rating, making it fit for outdoor use. Bring it onto the veranda to set the mood on a late-summer evening or to light up your balcony for a night of reading.

Battery-powered camping lights

Take the innovative technology camping. Regardless of whether you prefer caravans or tents, having access to an outlet may prove a challenge. Charge the lamp before you leave, in the caravan, or in the car using a USB cable, and you’re good to go—armed with practical and cosy lighting.

As part of the Fatboy range, you’ll find the cylindrical Tjoepke with its various uses. Use the lamp as a rechargeable torch or turn down the brightness for a cosy glow. At full brightness, the lamp shines for up to eight hours on a full charge. The lower the brightness, the longer the glow.

Night lights for the child’s room

Rechargeable lamps are a practical solution for your children. Once it’s charged, you can place it wherever you want in their room or bring it on the go.

Miffy First Light by Mr Maria is more than just a night light. With a height of 30 cm and a soft silicone material, it is light and soft to the touch. Miffy is one of three small friends: Miffy, Boris, and Snuffy. Friendly faces for children and little helpers for parents. Not only is the lamp practical, it is also safe to use. The rechargeable LED module means that you can place the lamp wherever you want. Depending on your chosen brightness level, a full charge provides light for 24-100 hours.
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