With its minimalist and uncomplicated look the Toldbod lamp has become a true classic and can be found in many homes throughout the world! It was designed according to the principle that the light from the lamp should illuminate the entire room without glare or blinding. The Toldbod series consists of several models – the 290 was created in 1982, the 155 in 2006 and more recently the 120 from 2009. The gorgeous Toldbod 120 in particular has really made an impression in the lighting world.

The Toldbod pendant looks beautiful hanging on its own, but it’s just as gorgeous in groups – try combining a few in different colours and at different heights! In Februrary 2018 released Toldbod 120 in fantastic new colours including rose, light grey and blue grey, so now Toldbod fits into colourful homes too, and can act as a splash of color in a more minimalist home.

Toldbod works just about anywhere, so whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway or outdoor space that needs a great new lamp, Toldbod is a great choice.

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Toldbod 250 Pendant Blue-Grey - Louis Poulsen
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Toldbod 170 Pendant Light Grey - Louis Poulsen
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More about Toldbod

If you need an outdoor lamp, the Toldbod 155 is an excellent choice! Simple shapes with a beautiful downwards light.

The Toldbod 120 pendant looks fantastic above the dining table, in the kitchen or in the kids’ room. It’s formed from cast aluminum, which makes it strong and long-lasting. The powder-coated surface gives the pendant a soft, silky finish which also makes it easy to maintain. The pendant uses a G9 halogen bulb.

Louis Poulsen’s team of designers developed the Toldbold 120 in 2009, and based the design on its predecessors, the Toldbod 290 from 1982 and Toldbod 155 from 2006. The entire Toldbod series uses an advanced reflector based on the PH Ellipse reflector. That was the last street illumination concept that was invented by the legendary Poul Henningsen. The lamp’s design has proven to be amazing for both indoor and outdoor use. The reflector guarantees a non-blinding, even and symmetrical light, which is perfect for both focused work lighting and mood light. The Toldbod directs most of its light downwards, which fits with PH’s philosophy of creating and designing the light so it illuminates the entire room without blinding or glare.
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