Top Light Lamps

Top Light is the best that German quality has to offer! The German brand is famous for offering extraordinary and innovative lighting options for every style of décor. Over the years, the brand has become somewhat of a household name in Europe, thanks to its high-quality lighting and modern products fit for any style of décor—and that’s why they’ve become one of the big players on the scene. With a Top Light lamp, you’re guaranteed a high level of quality and innovative products for your every need.

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Top Light Puk

Behind Top Light’s exciting and innovative designs

The designer behind Top Light’s exciting and innovative designs is Rolf Ziel, who designs the handmade products with focus on detail and a high degree of passion for lighting. Amongst his exquisite designs, it’s worth highlighting the Puk collection, which is the definition of quality that manages to bring a unique atmosphere and style into your home. The lamps are flexible, functional, aesthetic, and humble in their size and design, so we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect lamp for your style and needs. The unique Puk lamps have a modern look that can be placed anywhere around the home, including the bedroom, hallway, or kitchen, where they spread an atmospheric and effective light. The Puk design is available as a ceiling lamp, pendant, table lamp, wall lamp, and mirror fix in a range of sizes, colours, and models, so there’s bound to be a lamp for you. The Puk Maxx collection has been especially well-received, and it’s the perfect solution for the bathroom or anywhere else that needs a good, comfortable light.
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