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Looking for a functional, practical, and elegant solution to your lighting problems at a reasonable price? Have no fear – our value for money collection with a range of rail-mounted spots is here.

Rail spots are perfect for mounting above cupboards. The direct light offers great colour rendering, making it easy to see what’s hiding inside the cupboard when you open the doors. A spot on a rail can be a practical solution for mudrooms and bedrooms when you need to examine, sort out, and sort through your wardrobe. Our range of LED spots on rails features nothing but good, sensible lamps, so dive in and find the perfect model for you!

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Lowie 2 LED Spot White - Lindby
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Rail spots

An LED rail spot provides pure functionality that can be put to use in so many ways. A good rail can be mounted exactly the way you want it, and the small strong spots respond simply and elegantly to your practical lighting needs. The solution is smart because it provides an incredible light that doesn’t take up too much space in the room, whether vertically or horizontally.

Spots on rails are perfect for mudrooms, where you need a practical light. People tend to fill their entryways with storage in the form of cupboards, and because it can be difficult to mount lamps inside these cupboards, a rail can be a good solutions. The surfaces in this room are often used for practical purposes, such as wrapping gifts, folding laundry, and storing things before they move into the house itself, making a practical approach to light preferable. The mudroom is where the outside joins the inside, so you’re likely to drag in some mud now and then. With a rail spot, it’s nice and easy to find the dirty spots whenever you whip out the vacuum cleaner.

People also tend to choose spots for their bedrooms or walk-in closets. The precise colour rendering and option to change the direction of light to point into the closet makes spots perfect for bedrooms—and once again, it comes in handy when it’s time to clean and change the sheets. The flexibility of the lights and the ability to move them along the rail makes spots the perfect practical solution.

Last, but not least, there’s the kitchen. Modern LED spots barely emit heat, so you can mount them more or less wherever you want. If you would like a practical light with excellent colour rendering, a rail spot above the cupboards just might be the perfect solution for you. The precise colour rendering makes your food that much more appetising to look at, and the great light makes it easy to clean your vegetables and meats, so you can be certain that the food you’re serving is alright.
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