Umage is a Danish firm that offers high quality at reasonable prices. The company has launched a range of lovely products that have risen to popularity in no time.

When you order a UMAGE lamp, you know immediately that you’re getting something special. In fact, all the company’s products are sold in lovely packaging to reflect high quality and gorgeous designs.

More about UMAGE lamps

It’s always a pleasure to unpack a UMAGE lamp – each one gives a beautiful light, and is a work of art in itself even when it’s not lit.

UMAGE began their journey in lighting design in 2008, and has grown and grown ever since. Today UMAGE is represented in 40 countries around the world and continues to expand its reach. Their foundation is in Scandinavian design, combining aesthetics, simplicity and functionality. UMAGE's designer lamps are full of thought-provoking craftsmanships and care for the environment. They embrace sustainability and exquisite, timeless design.

UMAGEs design reflects a depth of thought that melds the urban landscape and the wildness of nature. They strive for beauty, sustainability and harmony with the Nordic landscape. Their collection is filled with distinctive pendants, beautiful floor lamps, refined wall lamps and outstanding table lamps.

More about Eos from UMAGE

Among the many lovely and distinctive lamps inUMAGE's assortment, Eos stands out.  Eos is simply unique – you’ll be hypnotized by the ethereal feathers and the subtle earth tones taken from the Nordic landscape. The lamp is made of natural goose feathers, which contribute to the soft warm light that it provides and it creates a harmonic atmosphere that’s very inviting. This lamp is sure to add a sophisticated and elegant accent to your home décor. Eos is available in three different colours – white, light brown and light grey – and in four sizes. Any of the pendant variations would look particularly good over the dining table, and the collection also contains table and floor versions. If you’re looking for a combination of delicacy and presence, this lamp is a must-have.

Beyond Eos, UMAGE’s product range is filled with lamps that have both clean lines and a bit of edginess. All, however, exhibit their roots in the design traditions of Scandinavia that are so popular today.

UMAGE’s price level is sensible and it’s clear that you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy one of their fantastic lighting products, unquestionable examples of high quality, sustainability and gorgeous design. UMAGE’s products are always carefully packed and shipped in their stylish gift boxes, which are also produced sustainably. The packaging is always as small as possible, reducing both space requirements and CO2 emissions during shipping.

UMAGE creates beautiful design that is high quality and environmentally aware.