Wall Lamps

Wall lamps aren’t just lights. They’re beautiful, colourful, fresh, bold, classic and flattering examples of wall lighting combined with smart, long-lasting design.

Here you’ll find wall lamps from Lightyears, &tradition, Iconi and Le Klint along with Italian producers like Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan, Artemide, Kartell and many more.

Why settle when you can choose from so many lovely lamps?

All of our wall lamps are delivered with bulbs.
Glo-Ball Mini C/W Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp - Flos
Before EUR 134.00
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String W0 Wall Lamp Black/Silver Elastic - Rotaliana
Before EUR 356.00
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Vipp524 Wall Lamp Black - Vipp
Before EUR 268.00
In stock now
Le Klint Sax 224-6/17 Wall Lamp - Le Klint
Before EUR 624.00
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Soho W3 LED 3000K Wall Lamp ø30 Gold - LIGHT-POINT
Before EUR 454.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
IC C/W1 Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp Brass - Flos
Before EUR 436.00
Back in stock on 16-07-2021
304 Wall Lamp Black - Lampe Gras
Before EUR 334.00
In stock now
Mirror 3 LED 3000K Wall Lamp - LIGHT-POINT
Before EUR 1,653.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Fresnel Black Wall Lamp - Oluce
Before EUR 302.00
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Cube Outdoor Wall Lamp - LIGHT-POINT
Before EUR 206.00
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Vipp524 Wall Lamp White - Vipp
Before EUR 268.00
In stock now
Arigato Wall Lamp Black - Grupa
Before EUR 364.00
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Cato Q Wall Lamp Matt White - Belid
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
Dioscuri 25 C/W Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp - Artemide
Before EUR 239.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
Le Klint Sax 234-1/21 Wall Lamp - Le Klint
Before EUR 672.00
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Glo-Ball C/W Zero Ceiling Lamp/Wall Lamp - Flos
Before EUR 240.00
Back in stock on 12-07-2021
Le Klint Sax 224-1/17 Wall Lamp - Le Klint
Before EUR 624.00
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More about wall lamps for indoor use

Here you’ll find a broad assortment of wall lamps for indoor use. We have lamps to suit every taste – whether you’re looking for something classic, modern, daring, minimal, stylish or romantic Lampemesteren.com has the right wall lamp for you!

What is a wall lamp?
  • It is a designed wall lamp equipped with one or more light sources.
  • It can be mounted relatively easily on a vertical surface.
  • It can be static or flexible in one or more directions.
  • It can be made of various different materials such as metal, plastic, glass or wood.

    You can use wall lamps in lots of different places throughout your home. Try wall lamps from Lampe Gras along your kitchen countertop for flexible work lighting, or use AJ wall lamps from Louis Poulsen as bedside lamps. The kids’ room is another great place for wall lamps – Zoolight’s sweet menagerie will be a hit with your little ones. Wall lamps are also commonly used over the bathroom mirror and in the entry or hall.

    Good advice about placing wall lights

    If you need to light a long room with a low ceiling, wall lamps are an ideal solution. Try placing some along one side of the room, ideally above eye level. Because wall lamps don’t take up much space the room will feel bigger, unlike pendants they let you appreciate all of the overhead space in the room and placing them above eye level helps to ‘lift’ the ceiling. And don’t forget that lots of light will make a small room look much bigger.

    Wall lamps for living spaces

    It’s becoming more popular to use wall lamps outside the bedroom, and we have a huge selection to choose from! The 265 lamp from Flos is appearing in more and more homes, usually in the living room but also in the kitchen and home office. It’s an incredibly flexible lamp in many ways – you can position it to shine its light exactly where you need it. Another good choice would be a scissor lamp from Fritz Hansen or Le Klint. Wall lamps over the sofa or next to an armchair are also popular again – the only limit is your imagination. The more light, the better!

    Designer wall lamps from all the best brands

    We carry wall lamps by brands including Louis Poulsen, Lampe Gras, &tradition, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, LIGHT-POINT, Menu, Zoolight, Piet Hein and Le Klint as well as Italian producers like Flos, Foscarini, Artemide, Luceplan, Kartell and many others. We are always on the lookout for exciting new designers and producers to give you the best selection and maintain our position as one of the biggest sources for designer lamps in the Nordic countries.

    Stylish LED wall lamps

    Today, many wall lamps are available in LED models. LEDs – light emitting diodes - can save you a lot on your energy bill and help to protect the environment, so it makes a lot of sense to choose this new technology. From our range of brands LIGHT-POINT in particular has a broad selection of stylish designs with built-in LEDs. Flos, Studio Italia, Artemide, Louis Poulsen, Aros Design and many others have embraced LEDs, so you’ll find plenty of examples of wall lamps using this effective and forward-thinking technology in our webshop. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team – they’re here to help!
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