Wooden lamps

Bring the outside in with a lovely wooden lamp from our value for money range. Wood can give the room a light and calm feel, and the classic material has always been an important element of Scandinavian décor for this exact reason. A little wooden table lamp can make a massive difference in a monochrome office, and in the living room and kitchen, a wooden floor lamp or pendant can add the atmospheric touch that your décor needs.

The versatile material comes in various shades depending on the type of wood, so you can achieve a wide range of expressions. Beech, birch, and ash are light in colour and contribute a bright, airy expression, whereas oak, mahogany, and walnut contribute a sense of calm and atmosphere with their darker hues. Find our value for money range below – and tryk hercheck out our complete collection here!
Pia Pendant Beech - Lucande
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Tamlin Pendant Beech - Lucande
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Lamps made of wood

A lamp made of wood is a lovely product that contributes homeliness, atmosphere, lightness, and vibrancy to your home. Wooden lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you’re looking for a floor lamp, ceiling lamp, table lamp, or pendant in wood, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection. We have lamps in everything from solid wood to laminate, and there are lamps in every price range. This selection is part of our value for money range – if you want to see our complete collection of wooden lamps, you can find them by clicking here!

Wooden lamps are a light and elegant way to bring a touch of life into the room. Due to its natural feel, wood contributes an organic touch—and with its veins and texture, the treated wood brings a stunning natural feel to any room.

The natural element contributes to the homely feel—and if you live somewhere with white walls and muted décor, wood is a great way to bring a touch of atmosphere into the room. A wooden lamp first and foremost highlights itself, after which it highlights its light surroundings. For this purpose, we recommend a darker type of wood as this will contribute more of a decorative contrast. Woods like oak, mahogany, and walnut contribute a sense of calm and elegance that is hard to match. The dark veins, exciting textures, and deep hues bear witness to the history and strong trees from which the wood originates.

On the other hand, you can introduce light, airiness, and life with lighter types of wood. Birch, ash, and beech are all quite light, and although they feature lots of texture as well, their hues aren’t quite as deep, which means that they look lighter in your décor. Light wood is a stunning way to break up darker décor or create a sense of space in busy interiors.
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