Floor Lamps

A floor lamp, also known as a standard lamp, is a true chamaeleon, taking on many different characters, colours and shapes. Architects, designers and artists have all proposed their optimal solutions, but which floor lamp is your favourite?

All of our floor lamps are delivered with bulbs.
Cala P165 Floor Lamp White Oak - Marset
Before EUR 1,291.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Frank 2.0 Floor Lamp Wood/Alu Dimmable - Belid
Before EUR 483.00
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
Petite Machine Floor Lamp Moss Green - Made By Hand
Before EUR 764.00
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
Mantis BS1 B Black Floor Lamp - Schottlander
Before EUR 1,081.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Lantern Floor Lamp - New Works
Before EUR 529.00
In stock now
Antidark F1 Floor Lamp - Antidark
Before EUR 187.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Vipp525 Floor Lamp Black - Vipp
Before EUR 470.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Toio LED Floor Lamp Red - Flos
Before EUR 1,270.00
Back in stock on 08-07-2021
Arco Floor Lamp - Flos
Before EUR 2,465.00
In stock now
Spirit F1 Floor Lamp 2700K Black/Rose Gold - Light-Point
Before EUR 694.00
Back in stock on 02-07-2021
Tripod FHM8 Floor Lamp Maroon - &Tradition
Before EUR 732.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Knit-Wit 45 Round Floor Lamp Medium - Made By Hand
Before EUR 617.00
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Funiculi Floor Lamp Grey - Marset
Before EUR 306.00
In stock now
Hideout Floor Lamp White - Frandsen
Before EUR 241.00
Back in stock on 23-08-2021
Austere F Floor Lamp Brass - Trizo21
Before EUR 792.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Peek Floor Lamp White - Menu
Before EUR 442.00
In stock now
Cato Q Floor Lamp Matt Black - Belid
Before EUR 349.00
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
IC F2 Floor Lamp Brass - Flos
Before EUR 1,123.00
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
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More about floor lamps and standard lamps

Here you’ll find a huge selection of gorgeous floor lamps from well-known brands and designers. Through the years floor lamps have always been popular interior design elements and can help give the living room, dining room or even bedroom an exciting new look. There are no limits to the number of shapes, sizes and colours you can find them in, and you can choose between standard lamps with their fuller and more practical light or the more atmospheric and cosy light of a floor lamp. Isn’t it time to introduce one to your home?

What exactly are floor lamps and standard lamps?
  • They are one or more light sources mounted on a long, upright pole or stand.
  • They can stand on a horizontal surface, and can be moved.
  • They give either direct or indirect light.
  • They can be static or flexible in more than one direction.
  • They can be made of various different materials such as metal, plastic, glass or wood.

    Designers and brands

    At Lampemesteren.com we carry floor lamps by designers and producers such as Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Secto, Le Klint, Artemide, CPH Lighting, Darø, DybergLarsen, Fritz Hansen, Ingo Maurer, Kartell, Lightyears, Vita, Marset, &tradition, Northern Lighting and many more exciting brands. The quality of a lamp for the kids’ room, like the sweet Miffy floor lamp from Mr. Maria, is just as high as the beautiful and dramatic Le Klint Carronade floor lamp. There’s no excuse for not finding the perfect lamp for any situation.

    Choose the right floor lamp

    Floor lamps aren’t just decorative, they’re also incredibly useful. Many people don’t think about how important good lighting is in daily life, but floor lamps can light up places that wall lamps and pendants just can’t reach. They’re not in the way of a discussion around the dining table or right in the middle of the TV screen when you’re trying to watch a film. Standard lamps are available in many models so you can find just the right one for any situation. If you’re looking for an especially decorative object we can recommend the stunning Snowflower lamp from Shaping your day, an unusual lamp that still provides a very comfortable light. For an excellent reading lamp have a look at the classic standard lamp from Frandsen, which can be adjusted to shine down on your book, up on the ceiling or to either side. If you’re a fan of retro styling you can’t go wrong with a classic Panthella floor lamp by Verner Panton – smart and stylish in every situation.

    We believe that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ interior design; only your home and your imagination can decide the perfect place for a new floor lamp. We can show you what architects, designers and artists have proposed – it’s up to you to choose your favourite!

    Enjoy the search for your new floor lamp! And keep an eye our webshop for the freshest design news and lots of inspiration. We’re always ready with advice and recommendations – just send us an mail or give us a call.
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