Forestier Lamps

Inspired by topiary sculptures, the designers at Maison Forestier in Paris try to bring botanical art inside using light design. When Bernard Forestier founded Maison Forestier in 1992, he was inspired by French gardens. He was fascinated by the way nature and design came together in the impressive sculpted hedges and trees—and with the impressive French installations in mind, he got to work creating lamps using rusty metal threads, zinc, and iron. These days, the business functions as a design collective, where the designers have carte blanche to design what they want as long as it challenges and reinvents what we know. That said, the artists at Forestier often use threads and transparency in their creations.
Oyster Wall Lamp White - Forestier
RRP EUR 204.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
Grass Wall Lamp M Green - Forestier
RRP EUR 677.00
Back in stock on: 19-01-2024
Bamboo Suspension L Red - Forestier
RRP EUR 261.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
Cymbal Suspension S Natural - Forestier
RRP EUR 376.00
Back in stock on: 12-12-2023
Bamboo Suspension M Green - Forestier
RRP EUR 245.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
Nebulis Wall Lamp S White - Forestier
RRP EUR 781.00
Expected in: 21 - 24 days
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