Lamps for the living room

The living room can accommodate many different types of lamp – from reading lights to mood lighting, ceiling lamps to floor lamps.

When choosing lamps for the living room you’ll often have to meet several particular needs. You’ll probably need three to four lamps around your sofa/seating area, some wall lamps, a reading lamp, etc. Look for lamps that illuminate both downwards and upwards. Lamps that shine downwards create an intimate feeling, while lamps that shine upwards make the room look bigger.

If you’re planning to hang a pendant over your coffee table, remember to keep sight lines open so you can see the TV as well as the person sitting across from you. Ask someone to hold the lamp up and try sitting on the sofa and then standing up to make sure there’s space to move around without hitting the lamp without your head.

Here you’ll find lots of lamps that will look great in the living room.

All of our lamps are delivered with bulbs.
214 Wall Lamp Black - Lampe Gras
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Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp Deep Red - &tradition
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Snoopy Table Lamp - Flos
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Tolomeo MINI Table Lamp - Artemide
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