Lamps for the living room

The living room can accommodate many different types of lamp – from reading lights to mood lighting, ceiling lamps to floor lamps. When choosing lamps for the living room you’ll often have to meet several particular needs. You’ll probably need three to four lamps around your sofa/seating area, some wall lamps, a reading lamp, etc. Look for lamps that illuminate both downwards and upwards. Lamps that shine downwards create an intimate feeling, while lamps that shine upwards make the room look bigger. If you’re planning to hang a pendant over your coffee table, remember to keep sight lines open so you can see the TV as well as the person sitting across from you. Ask someone to hold the lamp up and try sitting on the sofa and then standing up to make sure there’s space to move around without hitting the lamp with your head.
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Lamp for living room

Your living room is the heart of your home. A place where family and friends gather to relax and make memories. Make your living room even more inviting and cozy with our range of living room lights. Whether you're looking for lighting to set the mood, focus on specific areas or just add a touch of style, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Choosing the right lighting for your living room is essential for creating the desired atmosphere. Our range of lights includes everything from elegant ceiling lights and beautiful floor lamps to trendy table lamps and wall lights. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist style or a more classic aesthetic, we have lights to suit your taste.

For us, it's not just about providing lighting solutions, but also about adding character and personality to your living room. Our lights are carefully selected for their unique design and quality. You can choose from different materials, colors and shapes to ensure your living room lighting fits perfectly with your interior design.

Decorating your living room with lights - lighting inspiration

Coziness, comfort and togetherness is something we all strive to capture in our homes. And nothing is more important for creating the perfect cozy experience than the right lighting. Hygge lighting is about more than just illuminating a room; it's about creating an atmosphere that embraces and carefully envelops you in warmth and well-being. Your living room is a central focal point in your home, and the right lighting can transform it into a cosy and functional space. Lamps play a key role in living room design as they not only help to create atmosphere, but also add style and character. Here's a guide on how you can decorate your living room with lights to achieve the desired atmosphere:

Cozy nook

Create small cozy corners in your home where you can retreat and relax. Place a screen or blanket under a soft lamp and create your own cozy nook. Simple corners like this are perfect for enjoying a cup of tea, a good conversation or just quiet contemplation.

LED dimmers and dimmable lights

Modern technology has made it easy to customize the lighting in your home with dimmable lights and bulbs. This allows you to adjust the light according to your mood and needs. Low, warm lighting can create an intimate atmosphere in the moment while watching a movie or sharing a bottle of wine with friends and family.

Consider the function

First and foremost, think about what you want to achieve with the lighting in your living room. Is it primarily for general lighting, reading, or do you want to create a cozy atmosphere? Identify the different functions you want from your lights and then plan accordingly.

Mix and match lights

One of the most effective ways to create visual interest is to combine different types of lights. Use a combination of ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights to create layers of light and variation in height. This also adds a dynamic dimension to your living room.

Coordinate your style

When choosing lights, think about your living room's existing style and décor. Modern, minimalist lights work well with contemporary decor, while antique or vintage lights can add a classic or bohemian vibe. Colors and materials should also be coordinated with the rest of the room to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Accent lighting

To highlight specific areas or objects in your living room, like artwork, plants or decorative elements, you can use accent lighting. Spotlights or recessed lights can be directed towards these areas to add visual interest and highlight their beauty.

Wall lights living room

Wall lights are an indispensable component of any living room decor. They not only add a functional light source, but also bring character and style to the room. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere, highlight decorative elements or enhance your reading experience, living room wall lights can be the perfect solution. Here's how wall lights can transform your living room:

Elegance and Space Saving Wall lights are ideal for living rooms where space is a challenge. They are wall-mounted and free up floor space, making them suitable for smaller living rooms or rooms with limited storage space. The slim and discreet profile also makes them a stylish choice that doesn't dominate the room.

Atmospheric Lighting Wall lights can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. With a soft and directed light, they can add warmth and depth to your living room. Place them next to a sofa or above an armchair to create a comfortable corner where you can curl up with a good book or just enjoy a relaxing evening.

Artistic Accents Use wall lights as artistic accents in your living room. Modern designs and interesting shapes can add visual interest to the wall and provide a unique touch. Wall lights can also be used to illuminate artwork, mirrors or other decorative elements and highlight their beauty.

Ceiling lights for the living room - basic lighting or the crown jewel of the room?

Ceiling lights are not only a source of light, they are also a crucial part of living room design. In the living room, they play a special role in adding elegance, style and function to the space. Here's how ceiling lights can transform your living room and create the perfect lighting experience:

1. General Lighting: Create Basic Light Level Ceiling lights act as the primary light in the living room. They provide a general and even level of light that allows you to move freely and perform daily activities effortlessly. Choose a lamp with the right brightness and color temperature to create a comfortable and functional environment.

2. Style and Design: A Decorative Element Ceiling lights are often central elements in living room design. Their design and style can range from modern and minimalist to antique and elegant. Choose a ceiling light that fits your living room's overall decor and creates harmony in the room. A unique and eye-catching ceiling light can also serve as an artistic centerpiece in the room.

3. Integrated Technology: Smart Lighting Modern ceiling lights are often equipped with smart lighting technology that allows you to control the brightness, color temperature and even schedule the lighting from your smartphone or voice-controlled devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This adds a new dimension of convenience and customization to your living room lighting.

4. Lighting for Art and Decorations: Spotlights and Recessed Lights To highlight artwork, decorative elements or specific areas in your living room, you can use recessed spotlights or directional ceiling lights. These allow you to focus the beam of light on the desired object and create a dramatic effect.
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