Outdoor Lamps

When it comes to outdoor lamps and other outdoor lighting, it’s now easier than ever to find the right solution – from time-tested classics to less traditional choices, in a range of exciting materials.

We have outdoor lamps from Danish producers like &tradition and Le Klint as well as Italian brands like Flos, Luceplan, Artemide, Kartell and Foscarini.

All of our outdoor lamps are delivered with bulbs.

You can find more information about safety and IP codes here.
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Choosing the right outdoor lamp

Is there anything more annoying than standing outside your front door in the dark, fumbling around trying to find the right key to let yourself in? It doesn’t have to be that way, and outdoor lamps are the solution! Here at Lampemesteren we carry outdoor lighting of the highest quality from the world’s best-known designers and producers. Whatever the situation, we’ve got the right outdoor lamp for you.

If your terrace needs a little more light on a summer evening the Gregg Outdoor Pendant Medium is a perfect choice – stylish and cosy at the same time and providing a delightfully comfortable light.

If you’re in the mood for showing off your newest garden project or shining a light on your house’s best side, the Nautiluz Square LED Outdoor Lamp in Anthracite from Lumiere is ideal. It shines a precise and focused light on exactly the things you want to highlight. It’s small and discrete but with a big lighting effect.

Outdoor lamps with LED

More and more people are choosing LED light sources for their outdoor lamps. That’s why we carry a broad selection of outdoor lamps with LEDs built in. They save energy, and you never have to worry about changing bulbs since they’re built in and will last for the lifetime of the lamp. Many of our outdoor lamps can also be used indoors, for example in the shower enclosure or a dark hallway that needs something a little bit different.

Many customers choose the Box Mini Up/Down outdoor wall lamp for their kitchens. The lamp has a super-stylish design, provides lots of light and is not sensitive to moisture. We can also recommend the Lukas Outdoor Wall Lamp for David Superlight for places like carports and along the side of the house – this lamp has a lovely, timeless design that will never go out of fashion. It looks great in all different environments and gives a clean and comfortable light without glare and blinding the viewer. The lamp is available in 5 colours and can be used with both LED and energy saving bulbs.

Galvanised or black outdoor lamps

Many outdoor lamps are galvanized – they have been giving a zinc coating that prevents rust and keeps them looking good through the years. Most metal objects designed for outdoor use – from stairs to roadside crash barriers – are galvanized, so that particular colour is wide-spread and easily recognizable. It’s very popular – after all, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic metallic finish.  Black outdoor lamps, however, are emerging as alternative to galvanized products. They create a bit more contrast with their surroundings, making the light they provide more distinct. If you love the idea of adding texture, structure and clean lines to your home then a black lamp is definitely the right choice.

Outdoor lamps for the wall or flowerbed

If you’re looking for a decorative outdoor lamp for your lawn or landscape planting then the Eggy Pop lamps from CPH Lighting in a range of sizes could be perfect for you. Kids love them, they’re tough and they look great wherever you put them.

If you need a lamp for an exterior wall, we can recommend the Pagode LED Wall Lamp from Seslef. It has a classic design with a modern touch that makes it stand out from the crowd without looking in any way strange. It’s a sure winner if you’re looking for a beautiful lamp that provides lots of light.
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