Verpan is a producer with roots in the design traditions that have put Denmark on the map as far as functional, modern, and unique design goes. Verpan started manufacturing lighting solutions in 2003 and the company’s products are now to be found in homes all around the world. The company has an on-going project centred on handpicking products from Verner Panton’s treasure chest to bring back to life. Verner Panton is a household name in Denmark and it’s wonderful to see his lamps brought back to life.
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Spiral SP1 Silver - Verpan
RRP EUR 2,328.00
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Fun 1 WM Wall Lamp - Verpan
RRP EUR 726.00
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Fun 2 TM Table Lamp - Verpan
RRP EUR 565.00
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Spiral SP01 Silver - Verpan
RRP EUR 1,547.00
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Acrylic Shade for VP Globe 40 - Verpan
RRP EUR 282.00
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Fun 2 TM Table Lamp Brass Finish - Verpan
RRP EUR 699.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
VP Globe 50 Glass Pendant - Verpan
RRP EUR 2,018.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Fun 10 DM Pendant - Verpan
RRP EUR 1,170.00
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Fun 1 DM Pendant - Verpan
RRP EUR 928.00
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Fun 2 DM Pendant - Verpan
RRP EUR 605.00
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Acrylic Shade for VP Globe 50/Panto 50 - Verpan
RRP EUR 295.00
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Spiral SP3 Gold - Verpan
RRP EUR 4,656.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Single Spiral 60 cm t/Spiral SP1 Gold - Verpan
RRP EUR 45.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
Cable Kit for VP Globe Ø40 White - Verner Panton
RRP EUR 70.00
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Wire Floor Lamp White - Verpan
RRP EUR 888.00
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More about Verpan lamps

A timeless classic is created through the combination of timeless freshness, impeccable design, and an air that escapes definition. Not everyone can make a timeless classic. In the form of furniture, lighting and holistic concepts Verner Panton has done just that.

-Verpan is based on a deeply anchored love for Verner Panton’s creations.
-Verpan’s designs add value to the visual world that surrounds us.

All Verpan products stand out, thanks to the elegance and memorability of Verner Panton’s designs. Verpan has a unique product range of Verner Panton designs. Panton was one of the most prominent rebels and pioneers in the lighting and furniture industries.

One of the most famous products in the Verpan assortment has to be Globe. This pendant lamp is one of the loveliest lamps out there, thanks in part to its transparent acrylic spherical shape, designed by Verner Panton in 1969. This classic suits any and all homes. Globe is available in glass, acrylic, and aluminium. The lamp is equipped with five reflectors of different lacquered colours in order to create a comfortable light. Globe is the ideal lamp for suspending over your dining table. This lamp is high quality and all purchases come with a certificate detailing the lamp’s number.

Verpan’s product collection consists of pendant, table, standing and mounted lamps. One of their most unique pendant lamps is the Spiral. This lovely pendant lamp is manufactured using acrylics and metal rings. The attachments impeccably placed on the lamp are the much-needed touch that gives the lamp a calm expression. The collection consists of pendant lamps with one, two or three spirals that follow each other horizontally. The lamp is available in silver, gold and multicolour. The lamp is another statement piece and a true classic form the original Verner Panton collection.

Aside from these lovely pendant lamps, Verpan also sells distinctive table lamps that help create interesting lines. The Wire table lamp is an iconic lamp designed in 1972. The shape of the lamp is characterised by its calm and soft lines. On top of the Wire lamp is a plastic lampshade available in white and yellow. Aside from these colour variations, the table lamp is available in diameters of 30cm and 40cm. The frame of the lamp is chromed and twists calmly around the shade, which helps cover the bulb so it doesn’t blind.

Panton’s dedication to his visions and ideas helped him develop a distinctive design language that caught the world off-guard and continues to stun to this day.

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