Anglepoise Floor Lamps

About 80 years ago, the classic architect lamp, the Original 1227 table lamp, was created based on a new concept for a spring. With this new spring, it was possible to create an adjustable lamp that kept its shape, even when completely still. Since then, Anglepoise has created innumerable practical lamps, where the Original 1227 Floor Lamp is worth noting.

Inspired by the architect lamp, the floor lamp has been given the same flexible arm, so you can adjust the light. With a light-weight aluminium frame and a cast-iron base made with steel laminate, this is a stable lamp that eliminates the need to worry about balance. This is a practical reading light, but it also works well in connection with your chosen work space – by the desk or in your kitchen.

As the floor lamp does not require mounting of any kind, it is easy to place in your existing décor. In other words, you get the flexible properties and practical light of the beloved architect lamp, and you can use it wherever you need it around your home.
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