Cecilie Manz

Born: 1972
Best-known works: Caravaggio lamps, Mingus pendants, Mondrian lamps, Brancusi pendant, Blossom vases, Micado table, Tøjtræ clothing rack, Hochacht ladder
Training: Designer, Danish Design School

Cecilie Manz was born in the Odsherred region of Denmark. As the child of parents involved with design and art, design has always been a natural part of her life. She chose design as a career when she enrolled at the Danish Design School in 1992. Her curiosity about function and conceptualization led her to Helsinki, where she was an exchange student at the Finnish School of Art and Design.

In 1998, a year after completing her studies in Copenhagen, she opened Manz Lab – her own design studio focused on furniture, glass, lamps and related products created primarily for the home.

In 2005 she began designing products for the renowned Holmegaard Glass Factory.

Cecilie Manz has a strong sense of functionality and insists on quality. She has exhibited her work around the world and has work represented in the permanent collections of MOMA and the Danish Design Center. She has won numerous prizes including the Finn Juhl Architectural Prize (2007) and the Kunstpreis Berlin (2008). Her lighting projects include the Caravaggio and Mondrian ranges designed for Lightyears.

Manz’ design is at the same time sensual, fascinating and very useful. Her work heightens our awareness for everyday objects that we might otherwise pass by without a second thought -  objects like her Tøjtræ from 2000 (a wooden ’tree’ to hang clothes on) and the clever Hochacht from 1999 (a ladder that you can sit on). Cecilie Manz’ goal is not just to create new products but rather to find the purpose and function of a product.

“I work with things that have a meaning to me. My general idea is always to have a clear argument legitimizing the designs that I make. Function is essential, and if I cannot formulate a good reason for a new product, it is better to refrain from making it.” -Cecilie Manz
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