Jørgen Gammelgaard

Born: 1938 - Dead: 1991
Best known work: The Vip lamps, The Tip-Top lamp, The Karm chair
The Skagen chair
Education: Designer                                        

Jørgen Gammelgaard was educated at the Art Academy’s furniture school, where he trained under such great designers as Poul Kjærholm og Ole Wanscher. Later he worked with the biggest at that time – Arne Jacobsen, Mogens Koch, Steen Eiler Rasmussen and Jørgen Bo.

In the period where he drew to beautiful Tip-Top lamp, he worked as an UN consultant at Samoa.

Some of Gammelgaard's most successful furniture designs are the Karm Chair and the Skagen Chair, both stools that are still being produced today.

As the first designer ever, Jørgen Gammelgaard was named professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy, only 49 years old.
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