Frank Kerdil is the man behind DybergLarsen’ s PineApple series, which now is quite extensive in terms of sizes, shapes, colors and variants.

To begin with there was the original and distinctive pendant, which can also function as a floor lamp or for the table, but it wasn’t long before ‘real’ table and floor lamps were launched.

PineApple was created in the best Danish design tradition. The entire series is built around an almost invisible frame made of polished acrylic, to which the petal-like components are attached. The overlapping shades help to provide a diffuse and comfortable light, while at the same time they create a sense of fullness that makes the lamp noticeable without seeming heavy and dominant.

The interesting cone-shape has a vibe of both pineapple and lotus flower and creates lots of interesting options for spicing up your interior decoration.

It is available in a range of colours including luxurious gold, contemporary aluminium, stylish copper and many more.
PineApple Medium Pendant Mirror - DybergLarsen
Before EUR 201.00
Available in: 3 - 5 days