The pendant in your life

If you’ve never used the word “pendant” to describe a lamp, you’re not the only one. Most people would probably call the lamps suspended over their dining tables and coffee tables or in their hallway or their rooms “ceiling lamps”, but the correct term for a lamp that hangs from your ceiling on a wire is actually a “pendant”. A ceiling lamp is a lamp that’s attached to the ceiling itself – the kind of lamp we tend to have in our bathrooms. So there’s actually a difference between the two.

Now that definitions are out of the way, let’s talk about pendants! A lovely pendant lamp is a must-have in any home! The right lamp has a wow factor and creates a unique expression in any room just by being present. Are you the minimalist kind of person who likes a comfortable light that blends into your décor without stealing attention? Or are you the type who prefers big and interesting lamps that are practically a piece of furniture in and of themselves? It isn’t necessarily easy to find the right pendant, but this article will offer you some popular suggestions for pendants for your home – the pendant in your life!

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The fun one

With its characteristic shape with two adjustable shades, the Multi-Lite pendant is an amazing and unique lamp that adds character to any room! By rotating the shades individually, the Multi-Lite pendant can be positioned in a range of ways and you can direct the light wherever you like.

Multi-Lite was designed by Louis Weisdorf in 1972 and is currently manufactured by GUBI. It’s available in a range of colours and materials and can be used on its own as well as in a cluster. With its diameter of 36 cm, the pendant is quite small, which means that you’ll need multiple lamps to get the right light over larger dining tables. The Multi-Lite collection also includes a standing lamp.

Find Multi-Lite here.

The elegant one

Blown from &tradition is a lovely and elegant lamp with a quilted look that adds something extra to your table, living room or kitchen island. The pendant was designed by Samuel Wilkinson who based the concept on the idea of seeing the world through a filter, inspired by old bottles, antique lamps, lighthouses and ceramics.

Blown is available in silver, which enables a transparent view of the bulb, and opal, which helps provide an efficient and comfortable light.

You’ll find Blown here.

The crazy one

2097 from Flos is a proper showstopper that’s bound to be a great addition to any home! With either 30 or 50 light sources, 2097 provides a wonderfully full light all the while being an artwork in and of itself! Its clear references to the chandeliers of the past makes 2097 a true classic without giving up its thoroughly modern edge.

The designer behind 2097 is Gino Sarfatti – a true artist who spent his entire career trying to find the perfect light and the best ways to ensure functionality and aestheticism in lamp design. The 2097 chandelier is one of the 400 lamps he managed to draw up.

Find the different versions of 2097 here.

The fancy one

Coloured glass and a side twist – that’s the recipe behind the Ballroom pendant from Design By Us (and a recipe for great success, as it is). The pendant is manufactured using hand-blown glass and has a decorative edge.

The Ballroom pendant has Art Deco-esque looks that makes it the perfect fit for the modern home, where a bit of edge is a good thing. Suspend a cluster over your dining table or your cooking island to create a lovely and elegant light. You can choose pendants in the same colour or brave a combination of colours and sizes.

Regardless of whether you like purple, green, amber, smoky or something else, you’ll find Ballroom here.

The natural one

The Finnish brand Secto is taking the world by storm – especially with their insanely popular Octo 4240 pendant, which has made its way into homes around the world. Secto wooden lamps are sourced from the forests of Finland and the concept behind the brand is craftsmanship that produces works of art.

The Octo 4240 pendant is a lovely and elegant pendant that fits into modern and classic homes alike! If you have a large dining table, you might even want to commit to two Octo pendants. They’ll take up a fair amount of space, but their light design will ensure that they don’t look clumsy.

Octo is available in a range of material, all of which are available here.

The colourful one

You can count on the Italian design firm Kartell to use plastics and acrylics galore. They’re the firm behind a range of exciting and modern lamps, such as the incredibly popular FL/Y pendant! FL/Y is manufactured using coloured PMMA (acrylic) and its diameter of 52 cm makes it the perfect size for suspension over small and large tables alike. You can even combine colours, if that’s your thing.

Hop on board with FL/Y right here.

The avant-garde one

The Hope pendant is a unique and unbelievably lovely addition to any home, as it lights your house up like tiny diamonds. Hope is manufactured by Luceplan.

Hope has an incredible lightness to it that makes it appear as though it’s levitating under the ceiling and its transparent leaves reflect the light in a way that douses the room in a comfortable glow.

If you’re the type who likes DIY products, Hope is the perfect lamp for you, as you have to assemble it yourself! Thankfully, it isn’t all that difficult, so you don’t need any technical skill to manage.

Hope is especially well-suited for suspension over your dining table, but it’ll also look just fine in your hallway or high-ceilinged living room, if you happen to have one of those.

Hope is available in a range of sizes and is even available as a wall or standing lamp.

See all the amazing Hope models here.

The classic one

The Danish artist Cecilie Manz has designed a wonderful lamp for Lightyears, namely the Caravaggio pendant. Regardless of whether you’re into minimalism or wacky décor, the Caravaggio pendant will create a sense of peace, elegance, and undeniable stylishness in your home.

Cecilie Manz has become one of the big names in interior design and aside from the Caravaggio lamp, she has designed the Micado table for Fredericia Furniture, the Beo speakers for B&O and a number of bathroom collections for Duravit.

Caravaggio is a classic pendant with a twist, as it has holes at the top and the bottom, which helps create a comfortable light over your dining table, cooking island, or in your living room.

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The slim one

If you want the simplest of the simple, the Slim pendant from LIGHT-POINT is the lamp for you! A slim silhouette and an amazing light – what more could you want?

Slim is available in a range of lengths and colours and fits perfectly in your kitchen or over your dining table. Excellent light that doesn’t steal attention from the room.

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These were some of our suggestions for fun, simple, wacky, classic or just generally beautiful pendant lamps. Did you find the pendant in your life? If not, you can browse the rest of our selection of pendants right here.