Kaare Klint

Born:1888 - Dead:1954
Best known work: Grundtvigkirke, ”Frugtlygten”, ”Oereklapstolen”, ”Faaborgstolen”, ”Safaristolen”, “ Den Røde stol”
Education: Architect and furniture designer

Kaare Klint, who was both an architect, artist and designer, was very respected and has had a big influence on danish furniture design in general. He also designed the popular lamp “Frugtlygten”  - The Fruit light – for Le Klint, which today is one of their most sold lamps.

He was the son of architect P.V.Jensen Klint, who began building The Church of Grundtvig, which Kaare Klint finished.

At first is was mostly the art and not the architecture, that interested him, and it was his furniture design that made him famous. He designed his furniture with the general idea, that they should follow the body and be comfortable to sit in.

Kaare Klint was the first designer to establish a collaboration between designers and carpenters at a fabric. He started working with the carpentry company Rud Rasmussen, which today still produces a lot of the Kaare Klint furniture.
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