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Eco-friendliness and sustainability come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain: green is the new black. We need to minimise our impact on the planet, and lamp and home accessory manufacturers are more focused than ever on making responsible choices. Sustainability must be introduced during the design process, and it needs to tie the entire manufacturing process together until the end user receives the product in a responsible and sensible manner. We’re talking about everything from choice of materials, production, distribution, manufacturing, packaging, and recycling.

It's a question of awareness from studio to end-user, and with Lampemesteren’s collection of sustainable designs, we’ve made sure that you hit the bullseye with every choice of home accessory and lamp, allowing you to make the eco-friendly choice every single time.

Eos Pendant Mini White - Umage
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Responsible choices with nature in mind

The global FSC-certification has widespread support in the lighting industry. In FSC-certified forests, we don’t fell trees quicker than we can grow them. The certification is also a guarantee that animals and plants are protected and that the people working in the forest are trained, equipped with the proper safety equipment, and renumerated fairly. In other words, you can buy an FSC lamp with a clear conscience.

Sustainability and making responsible choices with nature in mind are some of the most important things for the designer Tom Rossau. He often uses birch veneer in his designs, and this is supplied exclusively by FSC-certified suppliers who manage sustainable forests. Keeping production local without compromising on quality has always been important to Tom Rossau. If you ask the designer, there’s no point making a sustainable product that doesn’t last, forcing you to change it after a few years—that cancels out the eco-friendly production process.

Organic bamboo design

David Trubridge’s designs reflect his passion and respect for nature, which led him to establish his brand that now focuses on create organic and sustainable lamps. The main material in David Trubridge’s collection is bamboo, which is a sustainable material in and of itself as it grows quickly, is easy to treat, and is highly durable. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to picking out raw materials, choosing the logistics, and settling on a production method. Amongst other things, the lamps are delivered unassembled and flat-packed to minimise the environmental impact of shipping.

The Grain Pendant from Muuto shows us a different way to use bamboo. To minimise the use of plastic, the Grain Pendant is designed in a sustainable blend of plastic and bamboo, which is easy to treat. The fast-growing bamboo gives the lamp a lovely, structured surface and makes it strong enough to last for years to come. A timeless design that you won’t get tired of anytime soon.

Exquisite design with a sustainable edge

Aesthetics, simplicity, and functionality paired with thought-provoking artisanry and love for the environment. The Danish brand UMAGE packs all its products in stylish, flat boxes to optimise global logistics, reduce storage and shipping costs, and make the designs more affordable and accessible. The brand also makes various eco-friendly decisions when it comes to its choice of materials. Take the popular EOS lamp for example. It’s made of goose feathers that would otherwise be discarded or used for pillows after butchery. Whether with regards to the environment or to animal welfare, you can buy your lamps from UMAGE with a clear conscience.

The handmade Dome table lamp by Mater is made in Denmark and features a recycled aluminium lampshade and a steel base. Mater sees the potential in what others might consider rubbish. When the brand uses aluminium in its designs, it’s aluminium waste from old car parts or bike wheels. The brand strives to reduce its environmental impact by actively seeking out partners that live up to environmentally friendly standards.

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