New Mags Coffee Table Books

New Mags offers stylish and popular Coffee Table Books. These big books are hard cover and designed to add a decorative, inspiring element to your décor. Use the book to prop up your lamp our highlight your favourite knickknacks. Place it on the coffee table to add a decorative touch and give your guests something to flick through. New Mags has some of the best books when it comes to interior design. Discover photographs and illustrations, combined with an exciting story and advice on the topic (all books are in English).
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What is a Coffee Table Book?

To put it briefly, a Coffee Table Book is a big book designed to be used in your décor—such as on the coffee table. You don’t need an entire library to replicate the calm, relaxing atmosphere we associate with books. Coffee Table Books are insightful books focused on a single topic. Whether the topic is interior design, fashion, sports, or food, coffee table books are simple yet insightful.

There’s something luxurious about reading physical books. It relaxes us in a way that surfing on a smartphone doesn’t, and you’re less likely to be distracted by something while you’re reading than you would be on a digital device. Books generally help us reach a deeper sense of calm and mental intimacy, and reading is almost meditative.

Books are for everyone! They’re timeless, and there are books on everything. You can tell a lot about someone by their book collection—it allows you to share interests without having to discuss them.

New Mags Coffee Table Books

New Mags is based in Denmark, where it was founded in 2016. Aside from the popular Coffee Table Books, the brand also sells magazines, travel guides, and post cards.

We have handpicked some of the stunning Coffee Table Books that you simply must own. The selection includes the most popular books on design, fashion, décor, and lifestyle. The brand places great emphasis on finding books with the most appealing aesthetic—focusing on size, formats, illustrations, and colours. The books serve as designer objects that can upgrade any room, contributing the final touch of personality and atmosphere.

New Mags books bring a sense of luxury into your décor with their golden covers, size, and quality, not to mention the stunning photos contained within their pages. If your style is simple and minimalist, a New Mags Coffee Table Book is an easy way to add a splash of colour to your décor. Perfect for modern décor, where they adorn the table, dresser, or bookshelf. Bring a little life into your décor with one or more books to frame a lamp or your favourite decorative objects.
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