Lamps for the kitchen – inspiration for gorgeous light


We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s relaxing, working, or cooking. That’s why a room like the kitchen needs good lighting that works for all these separate occasions. There are three kinds of lighting that every kitchen should have—the base light, the work light, and the atmospheric light. The kitchen needs good lighting, so you have an overview of the kitchen itself and of its shelves and cupboards. We have lamps for all kinds of kitchen lighting, and we’ve compiled some inspiration below to help you figure out what works for your kitchen in terms of style, choice of bulb, and the different types of kitchen lighting out there.

The base light is often created using a ceiling lamp or pendant. These lamps create the core light in the room that lights up the room itself while contributing to the atmosphere in the kitchen.

It’s essential to have a good work light in the kitchen, as this is the light you use when preparing food on the kitchen counter. The work light needs to illuminate the workspace effectively with a bright glow and the right colour temperature. The work light can come from above or straight ahead, but it’s important to avoid shadows to maximise the effectiveness of the light. Work lights should be placed above the kitchen counter, stove, and sink.

Contributes a cosy touch of character that can often be combined with the base light using a light dimmer. Create a fantastic atmosphere in your kitchen with an atmospheric light.

Pendant for the kitchen – classic, retro, or modern?
When it comes to the kitchen table and pendants, remember to keep the suspension height in mind. As a rule of thumb, lamps need to be 75-80 cm above the tabletop to ensure the best work light. To avoid shadows, measure the width of the surface and divide by 3. Use the result to measure out from the wall—this is where the pendant should hang to avoid shadows. Of course, this is only a general piece of advice, and it could very well be that your home needs a different setup. You’re always welcome to get in touch for advice about mounting and choice of lamp.

It's a good idea to mount multiple lamps next to each other a little gap between them, as this ensures a uniform glow. There are many options when it comes to using pendants in the kitchen, and they’re available in all sorts of styles.

PH 2/1 pendant  from Louis Poulsen is a true design classic created by Poul Henningsen. It’s an elegant and timeless pendant with a classic design that fits into many styles of décor thanks to its simple but unique character.

There are many models within the PH family, including classics like the one shown in the photo and a range of modern, quirky versions.

The PH collection contributes a great light thanks to its reflective three-shade system. Most of the light is directed downwards, creating a soft and diffuse glow.

Photo by our lovely client @valdealma, who has posted it to Instagram

The Beat Light collection from Tom Dixon is a cool and exciting pendant collection inspired by the 80s. The collection is retro but maintains a modern expression. It breathes new life into the kitchen, especially if you use multiple lamps from the collection.

The collection from Tom Dixon was inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass, and Beat Light provides a high-quality light. Each Beat Light lamp is unique thanks to its handmade brass feel.

Photo from Pinterest
Marla Pendant Smoke from Lindby is a stylish and unique design with a modern expression that fits seamlessly above the kitchen island. The lamp has three uniquely shaped pendants in smoke-coloured glass that reveals the light sources inside while reflecting its surroundings. The different shapes create an interesting dynamic that is particularly eye-catching and exciting to observe. This lamp is a functional light source and aesthetic addition to your kitchen that is guaranteed to impress your friends and family.
Cosmina 4 Pendant Track Sort/Guld from Arcchio is a modern and elegant design with an industrial finish, which is popular and highly decorative. The trademark Nordic minimalism means that the lamp contributes a lightness and simplicity to the room, paired with a raw and aesthetic expression that suits modern and classic kitchens alike. The four pendants all have a lovely gold interior that lends the downlight a sense of warmth, cosiness, and homeliness that spreads into the entire room.
Arnik Pendant L140 Nickel from Lucande embodies elegance, simplicity, and functionality all in one. The lamp has a modern and exclusive look that makes it perfect for mounting above the kitchen island. It’s also incredibly flexible as you can raise and lower it as you see fit, so you always have the soft glare-free light exactly where you need it. Arnik’s six light sources emit a lovely uniform glow that contributes to the comfortable and inviting atmosphere that brings the whole family together.
Sanne Pendant Concrete from Lindby is a unique and highly decorative design for the kitchen. The four pendants are the epitome of simplicity and elegance as they appear rustic and refined all at once, making them perfect for most kitchens. The lamp is incredibly aesthetic whether it’s on or not, so it’s guaranteed to command the attention of your guests no matter the time of day. The pendants emit a warm white downlight, creating a cosy, laidback atmosphere that’s bound to keep your friends and family in the kitchen.
Wanessa 4 Ceiling Lamp Wood/White from Lindby is a classic combination of natural warm wood, cool metal details, and warm white lampshades. This combination is a stunning fit for any style of décor as it radiates warmth and cosiness whether it’s on or not. Furthermore, the four lamps can be rotated and tilted, so you always have the light exactly where you need and want it. The light lampshades ensure a soft warm white combined up- and downlight that makes the kitchen the perfect cosy meeting place for the entire family.

LED bulbs for kitchen lamps
LED bulbs are great for kitchen lamps, as they emit a comfortable work light that’s perfect for this part of the house. Aside from emitting a good light, LED bulbs are also energy-saving, which will be reflected in your electricity bill, and they have a long lifespan of around 15 years. In the kitchen, LED lights contribute high-quality light and excellent colour rendering.
An LED light source ensures high-quality light, and its colour rendering makes it perfect for the kitchen. LED bulbs also have a great colour temperature, which is important in the kitchen.

    • For a practical light, you want the neutral white light at 3500-400 Kelvin.
    • For an atmospheric light, you want the warm white light at 2600-2900 Kelvin.

The kitchen needs a warm matte light with good colour rendering, so you can see the food you’re preparing. We have various lamps with built-in LED bulbs or the option to add an LED bulb in our collection, so go ahead and dive into our vast range of kitchen lamps.

The Flowerpot VP1 from the brand &Tradition is a really beautiful and stylish pendant that has a modern look, yet still a very classic design that fits well with the Scandinavian home.

Here, you see the lamp in a matt white color, however, this pendant comes in total of 14 elegant colors. This is a lamp that gives a really good lighting in the kitchen, while is also lights your day with its wonderful design. Flowerpot gives a warm light to its surroundings, which fits perfectly with a room like the kitchen.

The picture is from our dear customer @homehappydk who posted this picture on Instagram
This lamp is flexible and functional, which are two words that go really well with a room like the kitchen. The Aim pendant in black from the brand Flos is a lamp that can be adjusted stepless in the height, which can help accommodate your lighting needs.

This simple and gorgeous pendant is perfect for the kitchen, both as a work light as well as the central lighting. Furthermore, this fantastic pendant has an integrated LED light, which is a source of light that works best in the kitchen when it comes to work lighting.

The picture is from Pinterest  

The Zero series is a stylish, minimalistic, and classic series that can easily fit into any room in the home. This is a lamp that comes in different sizes and colors. The Zero S1 LED pendant from that brand LIGHT-POINT, and it produces light that spreads downwards and across the kitchen table. The Zero series consists of LED lamps that give the perfect lighting for working at the kitchen counter or kitchen island.

The Zero series is available in 4 different sizes as well as colors, including black, gold, white, and mocca.

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The new product from the brand Louis Poulsen, The Doo Wop, which comes in brass, cobber, and steel, which is really suitable for the kitchen. It is an unpretentious and simple pendant that generates life and gives a breath of fresh air to the décor.

It is a pendant where you can choose an LED bulb, which will improve the light outcome in the kitchen. It is a lamp that gives a good, soft, and downward lighting in the room, and the white lacquered insides of the shade gives it an inner reflector. The shade itself contributes to the upward lighting, which reflects into the shade that simultaneously sends it downwards. This is the perfect lamp for the kitchen.

The picture is from Pinterest
A lamp that is reminiscent of the one in the picture is The Solo Square ceiling lamp, which is from the brand LIGHT-POINT. It is a beautiful and simple lamp that is quite ideal for the kitchen. The ceiling lamp comes in black, gold, and white and in a round shape that contributes to its discreet and simple design. Additionally, it has a built-in LED lighting source, which is a light that works best in the kitchen.

Another great ceiling lamp for the kitchen is the Focus series from LIGHT-POINT, which sends a warm white light through its integrated LED lighting source. This is a lamp that puts things into focus, which also lies within the name of the lamp. It has a simple and stylish design that fits in many places around the house.

The picture is from Pinterest

Consider your light in the kitchen; ceiling lamp, pendant, or wall lamp

There are a countless number of lighting options for the kitchen, such as ceiling lamps, pendants, or wall lamps. In order to create a good work environment in the kitchen, there are a lot of practical things to consider, but of course it all depends on your wants and needs. When you are considering your lighting options, it is important to take in account how the kitchen is decorated.

Wall lamps are currently very popular when it comes the interior decoration in the kitchen. It is a lamp that is extremely practical when it comes to the kitchen, as it can often be turned, moved, and tilted depending on where you need the light in the kitchen. The wall lamp allows you to get the light exactly where you might be working or cooking. Wall lamps are a contemporary and flexible kitchen lamp.

Pendants are the most preferred lamps when it comes to kitchen lighting. When choosing a pendant, it is a good idea to pick a shade that is not too large, as it can quickly become a nuisance. Ceiling lamps are practical and easy to handle, they just need be mounted on the ceiling and afterwards they take care of themselves. When it comes to choosing your lighting in the kitchen, it is important that the lamp is flexible.

It is really important to carefully consider the light in the kitchen, as the light must be good for working as well as general light across the kitchen counter. Additionally, the kitchen also needs a central lighting source that gives a general and ambient light to the entire kitchen.

If you need flexibility and functionality, the 265 wall lamp from Flos is the perfect fit for you. This wall lamp is so flexible that it can easily replace ceiling lamps and pendants. It features a two-metre arm that allows you to move the light around, so you always have it right where you need it.

It's an exciting and beautiful lamp that fits seamlessly into the minimalist kitchen. The 265 wall lamp comes in three colours: black, white, and blue.

Photo by our lovely client @sofieweinreichengell, who has posted it to Instagram

Another flexible and functional lamp is the 304L40 wall lamp from Lampe Gras. This wall lamp features a movable arm, which you can adjust so you always have the light right where you need it. It’s a stylish and simple lamp that comes in five beautiful colours.

Lampe Gras has an entire collection of beautiful adjustable lamps that make life nice and easy for us as consumers. It’s truly worth checking out. Lampe Gras has only grown more popular with time, and it doesn’t look like that trajectory will be changing any time soon.

Photo by our lovely client @hosmajorskan, who has posted it to Instagram
Semi pendant from the Danish brand GUBI is a beautiful pendant with a distinct and lovely design. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a lamp that provides a good light. The Semi pendant’s enamelled lampshade emits a diffuse and uniform glow that’s perfect for kitchen counters and islands.

This pendant has a unique, timeless design available in eight colours and three sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

Picture from Pinterest
The Being ceiling lamp from Philips Hue is the perfect ceiling lamp with a stylish and simple design. You can set the brightness yourself, which is a practical feature for a base light or a work light. To ensure the perfect work light, you can adjust the lamp to around 4000 Kelvin, and the lamp is also dimmable. This is a functional lamp that you’ll come to rely on in no time.

The Being ceiling lamp has many features and creates a good downlight that spreads to the sides. The lamp comes in black and white.