Lamps for the kitchen – a recipe for appetising lighting

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of our time, both working time and leisure time. That’s why the kitchen needs to be lit properly to accommodate all of its various roles. Ideally, kitchens should have three different types of light – central, work and mood.

    • Central lighting – Central lighting often takes the form of a pendant or ceiling lamp. This is the light that illuminates the entire room and can also be used to create mood. (And don’t forget that you need to be able to see what’s on shelves and in cabinets.)

    • Work lighting – It’s very important to have good work light in your kitchen – you want optimal lighting where you prepare food. Your work area should be lit evenly, clearly and with the right colour temperature. Work light can come from above and/or in front of you but remember to avoid creating shadows. You’ll want work lighting over your kitchen table/counter, the sink and the stovetop/cooker.

    • Mood lighting – Mood lighting gives your kitchen cosiness and character. It can often be combined with central lighting with the help of a dimmer and can create a comfortable atmosphere.

At Lampemesteren we have lamps for every kind of kitchen, so read through this guide and be inspired. We’ll share tips and advice about all of the different types of kitchen lighting, which styles work best in the kitchen, what type of bulb to choose and how to pick a lamp that’s both stylish and practical.

A kitchen pendant – classic, retro or modern?

When it comes to pendant lamps and work surfaces in the kitchen, keep hanging height in mind. Our rule of thumb is that you get the best work light when you hang your lamp ca. 75-80 cm above the work surface.

We’ve got a great tip for avoiding shadows, too – measure the depth of the work surface (the distance from the edge of the surface to the wall), divide by 3 and measure that distance out from the wall. That’s the spot where you should hang your lamp.

To get the most uniform spread of light on your work surface we recommend hanging a couple – or more – lamps in a row with a relatively small distance between them.

There are lots of options when it comes kitchen pendants, and they come in several different styles.
The PH 2/1 pendant from Danish brand Louis Poulsen is a true design classic, created by Poul Henningsen. It’s an elegant and timeless pendant, and its unique yet simple design means that it works well with many different decorating styles.

There are several variants in the PH family, from the original classic – as seen in the image – to updated contemporary models and retro styles.

The reason PH lamps provide such quality light is down to their reflective 3-shade system. Most of the light is projected downwards, but in a way that makes it both soft and diffuse.

Image courtesy of our customer @valdealma via Instagram
Flowerpot VP1 from the Danish brand &tradition is a lovely and stylish pendant.  It’s a classic design with a modern feel and looks particularly good in Nordic-inspired interiors.

The lamp in the picture is in matte white but VP1 is available in 14 elegant colours. It’s a lamp that provides an excellent light in your kitchen and its beautiful design will brighten your day. Flowerpot fills its surroundings with a warm glow, making it really well-suited to a room like the kitchen.

Image courtesy of our customer @homehappydk via Instagram
The Beat Light series from Tom Dixon is an incredibly cool and exciting family of pendants inspired by the 80s. It’s a series that has a slightly retro feel but is still thoroughly modern. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the kitchen, especially if you mix different models from the series.

These Tom Dixon lamps are also inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass, and because that brass is hand-finished each Beat Light is unique. Last – but certainly not least – the whole series provides high-quality light.

Image from Pinterest

LED bulbs for kitchen lamps – what, how and why

LED bulbs are ideal for kitchen use – they provide the quality, comfortable working light that you need in that room. They also save energy, meaning smaller electricity bills, and last 15 years on average. LED kitchen lighting offers high light quality and good colour reproduction.

LED sources also emit light at the right colour temperatures – something you’ll really appreciate when you’re working in your kitchen.

    • For practical work lighting, a neutral white light is ideal - 3500-4000 kelvin.

    • Warm white light is better for mood lighting - 2600-2900 kelvin.

Kitchens need a matte, warm light, which gives good colour reproduction and means your food will look the way it’s supposed to look. We carry lots of lamps that have built-in LED modules or can be used with LED bulbs – it’s just a question of exploring our universe of kitchen lighting.
These lamps are flexible and functional, two important words in the context of a kitchen. The Aim pendant in black from Flos is a lamp with smooth step-free height adjustment so you can position it however you want.

This simple and gorgeous pendant is perfect in the kitchen both as a work light and as central lighting, and it has a built-in LED light source so you reduce your energy consumption and don’t have to worry about changing light bulbs!

Image from Pinterest

The Zero series is a stylish, minimalist and classic lamp program that can easily find a home in your home. The Zero S1 LED pendant from LIGHT-POINT projects light that spreads downwards and across your kitchen work surface. The built-in LED module provides the ideal working light to help you get you kitchen tasks done.

The Zero series is available in black, gold, white and mocha and comes in four different sizes.

Image from Pinterest
A recent introduction from Louis Poulsen, Doo Wop – available in brass, copper and steel – is an excellent option for the kitchen. It’s a simple and unpretentious pendant but its charm will brighten your kitchen in lots of ways.

By choosing to use an LED bulb with Doo Wop you can improve the light output in your kitchen. The inside of the shade is painted white, creating a reflector that helps to project light both downwards onto your work surface and upwards into the room. This lamp is perfect for any kitchen.

Image from Pinterest
The Solo Sqaure ceiling lamp, from Danish producer LIGHT-POINT, is very similar to the ones you can see in the image. It’s a beautifully simple lamp, ideal for kitchen use. This ceiling lamp is available in black and white, and also come is a round version that is just as simple and discreet as its square cousin. Both versions have built-in LED light sources, providing optimal light for the kitchen.

Another great ceiling lamp for use in the kitchen is the Focus series, also from LIGHT-POINT. Its built-in LED provides warm white light, and as the name suggests it really brings things into focus. With its stylish and uncomplicated design, it will work well in lots of different places in the home.

Image from Pinterest

Consider your kitchen lighting – ceiling lamps, wall lamps and pendants

There are a host of lighting options for the kitchen, including ceiling lamps, wall lamps and pendants. There are lots of practical considerations when it comes to creating a perfect kitchen work space, but personal taste also plays a role. If you’re contemplating new lighting for your kitchen it’s important to remember how the room is decorated.

When it comes to kitchens, wall lamps are huge at the moment. They’re hugely practical in the kitchen since they often can twist, turn and move according to your lighting needs. A wall lamp makes it possible to shine light directly on the stovetop, counter or sink – it’s today’s flexible kitchen lamp.

Pendants are long-time favourites for lighting the kitchen. Just keep in mind that small shades work better than large ones – they’re less likely to get in your way and take up less visual space.

Ceiling lamps are practical and easy – just mount them on the ceiling and they pretty much take care of themselves.

Flexibility is a key feature to keep in mind and remember that you need good quality light on your work surfaces as well as a central light source to illuminate the whole room.
If you’re looking for flexibility and functionality the 265 wall lamp from Flos is just about perfect.  It’s so flexible, it can even replace pendants and ceiling lamps. Its 2-meter-long arm can be moved to illuminate exactly what you want.

It’s an exciting and beautiful lamp that looks particularly nice in a minimalist kitchen. The 265 wall lamp is available in black, white and blue.

Image courtesy of our customer @sofieweinreichengell via Instagram
Another flexible and functional lamp is the 304L40 wall lamp from the legendary French brand Lampe Gras. It has a moveable jointed arm, allowing you to shine light where you need it to be. This stylish and simple lamp is available in 5 lovely colours.

In general, we recommend taking a closer look at Lampe Gras. They have a whole range of lovely flexible lamps that have been winning over customers since the 1920s and that doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

Image courtesy of our customer @hosmajorskan via Instagram
The Semi pendant from the Danish brand GUBI is a lovely lamp with a distinctive design. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for quality illumination – its enamelled shade projects a diffuse and even lamps that makes it ideal hanging over the kitchen table, countertop or island.

This timeless pendant is available in 8 different colours and 3 sizes so there’s a Semi for every taste and situation.

Image from Pinterest

The Being ceiling lamp from Philips Hue is a perfect ceiling lamp, stylish and uncomplicated in its design. You can control its light intensity yourself so it’s a practical choice for both central and work lighting. For the absolute best working conditions, you can set the lamp at 4000 kelvin, and Being is also dimmable. It’s so flexible you may find yourself getting attached to it…

The Being ceiling lamp has lots of practical functions and projects light downwards and out to the side. It’s available in black and white.

Image from Pinterest

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration and information about kitchen lighting. If you have any questions or need some guidance please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Customer Service team – they’ll take good care of you.