Lamps for your bedroom – choose the right ones!

The right choice of bedroom lamp can make all the difference, but it can be hard to find. Bedroom lighting needs to be comfortable, relaxing, and cosy, but you also need a good base light, so it’s important to choose bedroom lamps that fulfil your needs.  

The best reading and wall lamps for your bedroom

The best reading and wall lamps for your bedroom

AJ from Louis Poulsen is a popular lamp collection for bedrooms. The collection was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1960 and is a true design classic. Both AJ Table and AJ Wall are popular with our lovely clients.

If you want a contrast with your white walls, AJ Wall in black is a beautiful choice. If you prefer a colourful touch, you can choose from one of the 10 different shades, the most popular of which are Graphite Grey, Light Grey, Night Blue, and Aubergine. AJ in black is one of our bestsellers.
Find the complete AJ collection here.

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AJ is an obvious choice for a reading lamp as you can tilt and rotate it 60 degrees to either side, giving you a functional and classic bedroom lamp.
You can also place AJ Table next to your bed to achieve a similar effect. It’s easier because you don’t have to mount anything, and you can always use table lamps around the home.

If you want to see what the light is like, check out our Facebook with bedroom inspiration, which features AJ Table, Lampe Gras, Milk, Caravaggio Read, Bollard, and Tolomeo.

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Tolomeo is another popular bedroom lamp. Artemide’s Tolomeo Table Lamp was designed in 1987, and this frontrunner for design, light output, comfort, and aesthetic remains one of the most popular table lamps in the world.

One of the reasons for Tolomeo’s popularity is the flexibility of its fully adjustable body, which gives you complete control of the light, making it useful for bedrooms as you can move the light around as you see fit. If you have an adjustable bed, Tolomeo is a great fit thanks to its long arm.
Here’s the Tolomeo Wall Lamp in black again, so you can see just how flexible and practical the lamp is. It has a gorgeous, functional design, and it provides an excellent reading light.

Use it as a table lamp, or mount it on the wall. It’s available with a base and with a bracket, and the Tolomeo collection is available in various colours and sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

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Lampe Gras is another popular bedroom lamp. The collection comes in countless versions, so whether you’re looking for a floor lamp, wall lamp, pendant, table lamp, stand, or bracket, Lampe Gras has the answer. It comes in various colours, so the options are endless, making Lampe Gras a highly coveted lamp.

Lampe Gras is a 20th century icon. In 1922, Bernard-Albin Gras designed a range of lamps intended for use in offices and industrial spaces. The Gras lamp, as it later came to be known, was totally unique with its simple, robust, yet incredibly ergonomic design.
The basic shape is created without screws and welded joints, which contributes to the uniqueness of the design. The long arm and body make the lamp particularly practical and flexible, so you can use it in all sorts of ways and rooms of all kinds.

These days, the Lampe Gras is a coveted collector’s item all over the world, particularly in France, the US, and Japan. Bernard-Albin Gras’ talented, visionary design has proven itself timeless.

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Kesta Table Lamp Black/Gold from Lindby is a simple and decorative design that looks stunning in all styles of décor. The lamp has a minimalist expression thanks to its slender frame and thin cylindrical fabric lampshade with a matte black exterior and golden interior that emits a soft, warm glow perfect for sleeping, waking up, and reading. Kesta is a highly aesthetic table lamp whether it’s on or not because it’s both a functional light source and a decorative addition to your bedroom.
Charlia Floor Lamp Silver from Lindby is a minimalist and stylish design with three long legs in a natural wooden material and an exquisite white cylindrical lampshade that ensures a classic contrast perfect for any style of décor. The white lampshade conceals a single light source that casts a soft and comfortable up- and downlight, creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere that makes Charlia perfect for bedrooms. The lamp’s harmonious aesthetic also means that it serves as both a light source and a decorative element that bathes your bedroom in a lovely glow.
Kalinda Wall Lamp Grey/Oak from Lucande has a humble size and simple, aesthetic design that makes it perfect for all styles of décor from modern to classic and from minimalist to retro. The lamp is made of solid concrete with stunning wood and metal details that create a beautiful contrast, making the wall lamp a decorative element and a functional light source for your bedroom. The wall lamp creates a soft warm white downlight with a cosy and comfortable effect that makes your bedroom a warm and pleasant place to be.
Benjiro Table Lamp White/Chrome from Lindby is a functional and elegant design that looks stunning in most styles of décor. The modern table lamp has an elegant, glossy metal frame complimented by the white fabric lampshade. The table lamp also features a small extra lamp, which you can adjust to suit your needs. Benjiro is the perfect bedroom lamp thanks to this extra light source, which ensures a more direct and focused light, which is perfect for reading. Meanwhile the bigger lampshade has a soft and diffuse light that’s perfect for winding down before bed or waking up in the morning. The switch is placed under the lampshade, so it’s easy to turn on the light you need at any given moment.

Loftlampe til soveværelset, hvilken skal du vælge?
Vi har et bredt udvalg af loftlamper til dit soveværelse, men hvilken skal du vælge? Jeg vil komme med lidt forslag og den første er Hope fra Luceplan. Må det gerne være romantisk, er Hope nemlig det helt rette valg af loftlampe til soveværelset, da lyset multipliceres og der genskabes en behagelig, glitrende og rolig stemning, drysset med tusindvis af lys der virker som diamanter.
Sebatin Ceiling Lamp Grey/White/Nickel from Lindby radiates elegance and simplicity that looks stunning in the bedroom whether the lamp is on or not. The ceiling lamp consists of a slender metal frame surrounded by a fabric lampshade in a lovely grey hue that lets out a beautiful light. The lamp features an LED light source concealed behind a matte lampshade that distributes the light in a soft, uniform, glare-free way. Furthermore, the light is 3000 Kelvin, which emits a warm white light that contributes to the cosy and relaxed atmosphere that makes your bedroom a pleasant place to be.

You can get the design in various shapes and sizes. Find them here!
The complete Hope collection from Luceplan is incredibly popular, particularly because of its visual lightness and choice of material. Hope is made of polycarbonate elements shaped like petals. The thin Fresnel lenses optimise reflection and breaking of the light, all while improving the light effect and lowering the energy consumption. This is a gorgeous ceiling lamp with the most incredible details that have come to stay.
Another romantic lamp that we think works well in the bedroom is the lovely Caboche. The lamp is transparent and consists of acrylic spheres with an internal lampshade of sandblasted opalised glass. The spheres placed the entire way around the lamp reflect the light in the same way as small drops of water being struck by the sun, and thanks to the inner opalised lampshade, the lamp is entirely glare-free.

The Caboche ceiling lamp has a lovely glow wherever you place it, and thanks to the 120W halogen bulb, it has more than enough light to illuminate your bedroom ceiling.

Find the complete Caboche collection here.
If you prefer a minimalist and stylish look, Being from Philips Hue is an excellent choice for entryways, offices, and bedrooms, where you can really benefit from the features the Philips Hue lamps offer.

The ceiling lamp has a direct downlight and a great light from the sides, which ensures that the light hits the ceiling before being reflected down and into the room. The Being ceiling lamp features White Ambiance, which means that you can adjust its white light depending on whether you want a cold or a warm glow. Aside from the ability to adjust the Kelvin, the lamp is also dimmable using your app or the remote control, making it easy to adapt Being’s light to suit your needs at any given moment.
Play with the lighting in your bedroom – Philips Hue.

Play with the lighting in your bedroom – Philips Hue.

The Philips Hue range is a new way to use the light in your home. The coding of light control, which once required expensive electrical installations, can now be done with Hue bulbs, a bridge, and the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue products are a new way to think about light because they foster a sense of wellbeing in your daily life. You can code the bulb to wake you up, provide a good work light, give you an energy boost, light up the entire house when you approach, and turn off the lights as you leave.

For example, you can set your bedroom light to turn off gradually in the evening, so you wind down slowly, or turn on gradually in the morning, so you feel rested and energised.

Find the Philips Hue range here.