To Go lamps & lamps that will look terrific on your terrace

The outdoor living season has finally arrived! It’s time to enjoy our terraces and balconies again and spend gorgeous summer evenings outside with friends and family.

Here at Lampemesteren we have a wide selection of mobile lamps that you can take with you wherever you go. They’re perfect for long evenings on the patio, at the beach, in the garden or anywhere else you want to enjoy good times in the good weather.

These To Go lamps are designed to move with you. They’re all rechargeable and on average shine their light for 5 hours on a single charge, so you can easily extend a long evening into a night under the stars.

Below you’ll find just a few of the many mobile lamps in our selection, including models from brands like Marset, Flos, Philips Hue, Lampefeber and many more.

Battery Table Lamp Crystal from Kartell

This unique little table lamp from Kartell is 100% portable so you can take it anywhere. Just remember to charge it – and it will work for up to 8 hours on a full charge – and take it out onto the balcony, to a moonlit picnic on the beach, for a walk in the woods, on a camping trip or wherever else you need.

Battery works just as well – and looks just as good - indoors, making it even more useful!  The lamp is available in a wide range of colours so there’s something for every taste – you can buy it here.

FollowMe from Marset

The gorgeous FollowMe from Marset is a practical lamp that’s easy to keep by your side. This table lamp is charged via USB and can keep going for five hours at full power. It’s equipped with a three-step dimmer, from gentle mood lighting to potent but still comfortable full-strength illumination.

It’s a stylish lamp that’s perfect for lots of different applications. FollowMe is available in two sizes, and you can buy it here.

Carrie from Menu

Carrie is a refined and modern lamp, perfect for people on the go. Its design embodies the Danish concept of ’hygge’ – cosiness, conviviality and contentment. It’s stylish without being flashy and will cosily illuminate an evening on the terrace with family and friends. Carrie is rechargeable via USB and one charge will provide up to 5 hours of illumation – perfect for that evening on the terrace.

You can get your new Carrie right here

Color Go from Philips Hue

This useful lamp from Philips Hue is totally unique, since you’re completely in charge of the colour of the light and the sort of effect you want to achieve. Go is ideal if you want to create a special atmosphere – from festive to tranquil and anything in between -  and its simply stylish look means that it will look great everywhere.

Buy a fantastic Philips Hue Color Go  here

Abelia from Philips

The Abelia table lamp from Philips has the classic form of an old-fashioned lantern, but modern features like a three-step dimmer make it a perfect companion for contemporary living.

It also has a unique and very cool extra feature – candle mode. In this mode, the LED light source flickers, creating a warm glow and enchanting ambience. Abelia charges via USB, and will stay lit for up to four hours at the highest level of light output.

You can find Abelia here.

Bon Jour Unplugged from Flos

This outstanding table lamp from Flos is sure to become your new comrade when you’re on the move. Bon Jour’s USB-rechargeable battery allows you to make those long summer evenings on the patio even more fabulous. The battery can power the lamp for up to six hours, and there are four different brightness settings for the downward-facing light.

One of Bon Jour’s most exciting features is the fact that you can almost create the lamp’s look yourself – you can choose from a range of both shade colours and top colours.

Create your very own Bon Jour Unplugged here.

Ginger 20M from Marset

The Ginger 20M table lamp from Marset is a fantastic lighting solution, and this portable light fixture is very easy to use. It has a rechargeable battery so you can take it with you when you’re out and about. You only have to think about cables when Ginger needs recharging. How liberating!

Free yourself from cables with a new Ginger 20M here.

Among our selection you find lamps with cables that aren’t quite so portable but can certainly tolerate life outdoors. We carry lots of gorgeous lighting that will add something special to your terrace – here are just a few examples.

Terras from Philips

Philips has created yet another excellent lamp characterised by modern thinking and quality materials. The Terras table lamp works well inside the house – from the living room to the bedroom to the kids’ room – but it’s truly at home in outdoor spaces like your patio because of its durability and moisture-resistance.

It creates lovely and comfortable illumination inside or out, and its 3-meter cable and handy hook mean that you’re not limited to putting it on a table. The sky’s the limit!

Buy your Terras here.

Suspence Nomad from Lightyears

Suspence Nomad, from the Danish brand Lightyears, is designed for life on the move. Its clean lines and elegant form make it easy on the eye, and you can put it exactly where it makes you happiest – even on the terrace. Don’t let it stay out too late, though – an IP rating of 20 means that it should come back inside with you at bedtime. (Or if you have to take refuge from bad weather.)

The Suspence Nomad lamp is equipped with a 4-meter cable, giving you plenty of range when it comes to placement. The light it provides is soft and diffuse, perfect to create some ‘hygge’ no matter where you are.

Express your inner nomad – buy a Suspence Nomad here.

May Day from Flos

May Day from Flos is a true work lamp with a simple, robust and gorgeous look. It’s designed to function in lots of different situations so it’s ideal for an evening outdoors. (Just remember to take it back inside with you, since it’s not water-resistant.)

It’s equipped with a long cable, making it easy to use on the terrace, in the garden or in the garage.

You can find May Day here.