Terence Woodgate Lamps

This design company was founded by the industrial designer Terence Woodgate in 2014. Its goal is to create impeccable lighting solutions through a process that prioritises design and innovative products that break the mould.

The company’s products are specially designed and optimised to allow for the use of high-performing energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Terence Woodgate’s vision is to design lamps using only LED bulbs, as this allows for a full exploration of what the technology has to offer.

Every aspect of every product is taken into consideration at some point in the design process—no detail goes unnoticed or unconsidered. By combining choice of material with impeccable manufacturing methods, the company manufactures high-quality light solutions that combine simple designs with advanced technologies.

More about Terence Woodgate

The Terence Woodgate brand was launched in 2014. Founded by industrial designer Terence Woodgate, the company is supported by upwards of 25 years’ worth of experience in the lighting design and LED industries.

Woodgate is one of the most highly respected industrial designers in Great Britain, known for his work in furniture and lighting. He has a simple, elegant, and modern approach to design that puts details and manufacturing processes in focus. This is evident in products like The Ethereal Surface Table for Established & Sons. Woodgate has catered to the royal family since 2003 and has received a range of international awards for design, including the Red Dot Best of the Best, and the IF Ecology Award.

In Terence Woodgate’s own words:
“I’ve always been considered innovative in terms of my methods; now I have the chance to have a say along every step of the way, down to the instructions and the packaging. It’s all driven by a desire to make the experience more relevant and beautiful.”
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