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  • Black Friday offers

    True to tradition, we have an incredible range of Black Friday deals for you. Looking for a particular designer lamp, outdoor lighting solution for your garden, or children’s lamp? Find what you’re looking for at Lampemesteren, and benefit from our amazing offers.

    But where did this day come from, and when did Denmark jump on the bandwagon? Find the answers to these questions and many more below.

    What is Black Friday?

    Celebrated annually on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a day where physical and online shops put on a special sale. It’s a day of incredible deals, so it’s no surprise that it has become so popular.

    The tradition started in the US, and Black Friday was intended as a shopping day to kick off the Christmas season and encourage people to hit the shops after a successful Thanksgiving. The many incredible deals were meant to draw in the consumers, and they succeeded. Black Friday has become a huge day in the US. Some employees get the day off work, and others start queuing in front of their favourite shops before dawn. Nobody wants to miss the incredible deals, and we’re sure you feel the same way. By signing up for Lampemesteren’s newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about the incredible deals awaiting you in our Black Friday sale.

    Black Friday Lamps on sale

    To celebrate this big shopping day, we’re offering designer lamps at incredible prices. At Lampemesteren, we’ve been celebrating Black Friday for years, and we’re doing it again this year by offering amazing Black Friday lamps at unbeatable prices! Finding the perfect lamp, whether for indoor or outdoor use, can be challenging. But the right lamp can be a statement piece that you keep forever. That said, why not save some money on your statement piece? A fantastic design that you’ll love forever is only made better by saving a bit on the price tag.  
    Among the many deals to be had on Black Friday you’ll find plenty on designer lamps, and we’ve been celebrating Black Friday here at Lampemesteren for several years. This year we’re continuing the salesfest with unbelievable prices on fantastic Black Friday lamps. Finding the perfect lamp – whether for indoor or outdoor use – can be difficult. That perfect lamp is a statement piece that you can treasure forever. So why not save some money on one? The best of all possible outcomes is a fantastic piece of design that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg!