Bollards - lamps for your garden and driveway!

After what seemes like an endless winter spent inside, spring has finally sprung and it’s time to get outside and care for our gardens again. Maybe it’s time to make some changes? When you decorate your garden and driveway, the choices of tiles and plants are some of the most important ones, but here at Lampemesteren we think that the most important choice of all is what lamp you use. This article offers some inspiration for outdoor lighting.

First of all, let’s refresh our knowledge of some terminology! In our shop, you’ll find plenty of words that mean the same thing: bollard, standing lamp and path lamps – that is, lamps that are placed in the ground. Whether you want to place them in your garden, driveway or garden bed is up to you.

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Or keep reading – you just might find yourself inspired!

Toldbod 155 Bollard from Louis Poulsen

The bollard edition of the Toldbod lamp is a classic outdoor lamp in the famous Toldbod design. The first Toldbod lamp – 290 – was designed by Louis Poulsen A/S in 1983, followed by 155 in 2006 and 120 in 2009. The design was based on Poul Henningsen’s ellipse reflector.

The Toldbod outdoor lamp would look amazing along a driveway, but it could honestly work just as well all by itself in a garden bed. The Toldbod outdoor collection offers wall lamps as well, so the lamps in your garden can match the ones by your front door.

The Toldbod 155 bollard is available in black and aluminium and would look amazing in your garden or driveway.

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Samson Bollard from David Super-Light

David Super-Light A/S creates classic and lovely outdoor lamps. They’re designed and manufactured in Denmark and trust us when we say that these lamps can handle any kind of weather. There are plenty of models to choose from depending on what sort of style you like. A classic Samson Mini Bollard would suit the vast majority of driveways and garden beds, but a Mike, Thomas or Felix lamp might be more up your alley.

Either way, you can browse all our outdoor lamps from David Super-Light right here!

Cube Stand from LIGHT-POINT

Cube is an incredibly popular lamp available in various versions, including some for outdoor use! This bollard from LIGHT-POINT offers the well-known Cube design and is an incredibly lovely lamp that provides excellent lighting. The bollard is available in black, white and silver, not to mention a wall version, so you can coordinate your outdoor lamps with the greatest of ease.

Cube is the perfect fit for modern minimalist households, where the slim and elegant lamp would truly shine, but that’s not to say that the lamp isn’t versatile enough to fit in everywhere else.

Browse the Cube outdoor lamps here.

Rørhat from LIGHT-POINT

Another example of a wonderful outdoor lamp is Rørhat. Rørhat is another LIGHT-POINT lamp, but the unique thing about this product is that it can be used as a wall lamp as well as an in-ground lamp – all you need to do is buy the mount built specifically for the lamp. This ensures that you can create a classic and uniform look.

Rørhat offers a comfortable, downward-facing light and is available in a bunch of different versions depending on what style you like. Thanks to its round shapes, Rørhat is especially well suited for older townhouses or courtyards at country estates. That said, we truly think that it’ll look phenomenal no matter where you place it.

Eggy Pop from Cph Lighting

Do you want something different and slightly wacky? Then the Eggy Pop outdoor lamp is definitely the right choice for you! The lamp’s almost futuristic look has helped its rise to popularity and it is no longer an uncommon sight in gardens and garden beds. Eggy Pop provides excellent lighting and can be placed alone or in a cluster, depending on your own preferences. It’s an entertaining and cosy solution that’s bound to spark conversations with your neighbours.

Find Eggy Pop here.

We hope you found some inspiration for your garden beds and driveways in this article and that you feel ready to upgrade your outdoor lighting this spring. Once the lamps have been installed, all you have to do is sit back and relax with a nice glass of your drink of choice and admire your new lamps.