Christmas Ideas for Her

What do you want for Christmas? Or are you at a loss for what to give one of your friends, your wife or your girlfriend?

We’re slowly edging our way towards Christmas Eve, which means that Christmas shopping is climbing further towards the top of our To Do lists. If you’re looking for ideas for a present that’s bound to be a hit, you’ve come to the right place.

With us, you’ll find great offers on Christmas presents for different budgets:

From €40-€400

1. Carrie (White) from Menu

Carrie is an incredibly lovely lamp that also happens to be perfectly portable. The lamp is rechargeable, which means that you can bring it pretty much anywhere. The inspiration for the design is drawn directly from the Danish word “hygge”. This lamp from Menu presents countless options for use, such as on your nightstand, on your desk, or as an alternative to the candles on your dining table.

Carrie Table Lamp (White) – €134

2. Bollard Lamp (Ash) from Menu

The Bollard lamp is a highly functional lamp that can be used as a pendant, table lamp, or standing lamp – it’s well and truly up to you. The lamp is made from silicone and is available in a range of colours, all of which are available to view right here.

Bollard Lamps – €94

3. Bristol (Concrete) from Frandsen

The Bristol table lamp is a lovely, modern lamp that casts a great light. The lamp is available in concrete, marble, copper, and brass, all of which are available to view right here.

Bristol Table Lamp – from €47

4. Follow Me from Marset

The Follow Me lamp is available in two sizes. This beautiful, decorative lamp is portable, so you can bring it everywhere. The lamp is rechargeable and once fully charged, has a battery life of up to 20 hours. The matte white colour ensures a light and stylish design. Follow Me is incredibly flexible and is highly decorative whether used indoors or outdoors. Both sizes available here.

Follow Me – from €188

5. Milk from &tradition

Milk is a cute, little milk stool that’s been crafted into a beautiful table lamp. The table lamp is incredibly popular and a common feature in Scandinavian homes. The milk lamp is dimmable and can be placed wherever you need additional light. The lamp is also available in natural wood, dark oiled wood, and black, all of which are available to view right here.

Milk – €134

6. NH1217 from Artemide

NH1217 is a small lamp that creates a soft, atmospheric light. This fun, little lamp has various functions and is incredibly flexible, as it can be mounted or suspended wherever you see fit. Available to view right here.

NH1217 from Artemide – €201

7. Flowerpot VP3 (Matte Black) from &tradition

The Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp is quite a popular lamp in general, but when the matte black version was released, demand spiked. The table lamp is inspired by the Flower Power era of the 60s and 70s and is an altogether stylish lamp. Flowerpot VP3 is available in a range of beautiful colours, all of which are available to view right here.

Flowerpot VP3 – €214

8. The Standard from Menu

The Standard Table Lamp is a lovely lamp that’s perfectly suited for use around your home. The lamp is manufactured from glass and casts a soft, warm glow on its surroundings. This lovely lamp is the perfect addition to any classic Scandinavian home. The Standard collection consists of table lamps and pendants alike and the collection is available to view right here.

The Standard – from €401

9. Caravaggio Read from Lightyears

The Caravaggio Read Table Lamp is the sister lamp to the famous Caravaggio collection from Lightyears. The classic lampshade can be tilted to ensure that the light flows in the exact direction you want it to. The compact base ensures that the table lamp can be placed in various spots around the home. You can browse the Caravaggio Read collection here.

Caravaggio Read – from €276

10. Panthella Mini from Louis Poulsen

Panthella Mini is a design classic from Louis Poulsen. This lamp can be placed anywhere in your home and is available in eleven beautiful colours. The designer is Verner Panton who is known for his gorgeous designs. Browse the collection of Panthella Mini lamps here.

Panthella Mini – from €313

11. Baby Dome (Aluminium) from Mater

Baby Dome from Mater is an award-winning lamp designed by Todd Bracher. This timeless, iconic lamp creates a soft and warm glow. Browse Baby Dome in all its colours here.

Baby Dome -  from €268

From €400-€1,000

1. Yuh from Louis Poulsen

The Yuh Table Lamp from Louis Poulsen is a lovely, simple, and flexible lamp. The light of the lamp directional, downward-facing, and doesn’t blind. On top of that, the light is dimmable. Browse the entire Yuh collection right here.

Yuh Collection – from €472

2. IC T1 Low Brass from Flos

IC T1 Low Brass from Flos is a simple lamp with an elegant design. The lamp is available in brass and chrome. The IC collection encompasses a standing lamp, table lamp, mounted lamp, and pendant, all of which are available to view right here.

IC Collection from Flos – from €446

3. Mutatio Table Lamp from Le Klint

The Mutatio Table Lamp is a minimalist lamp inspired by geometric shapes. The lamp has a beautiful external lacquering that highlights the elegantly beautiful design.

Mutatio Table Lamp – €524

4. Kaiser Idell 6556 (Matte Black) from Fritz Hansen

The Kaiser Idell Table Lamp is a unique, elegant, and beautiful lamp known for its lovely lampshade. One thing you can be sure of when you’re dealing with a Fritz Hansen lamp is that what you have in your hands is a piece of high-quality craftsmanship. As a special feature, this Kaiser Idell model can be tilted 15 degrees backwards and 18 degrees forwards.

Kaiser Idell Table Lamp (Matte Black) 6556-T – €526

5. 317 Table Lamp (Black) from Lampe Gras

The 317 Table Lamp in black from Lampe Gras is a unique lamp with a beautiful shape and a wonderful design. The 317 Table Lamp has an industrial design that offers impeccable quality and outstanding craftsmanship. The lampshade is available in different colours, all of which are available to browse right here.

317 Table Lamp – from €534

6. Mantis BS3 from Schottlander

The Mantis BS3 Table Lamp from Schottlander is an elegant, industrial lamp with a beautiful design. This lamp is perfectly suited for use in various spots around the home, but the perfect spot is by an adjustable bed, as the lamp is flexible and functional.

Mantis BS3 – €597

7. PH 2/1 Table Lamp from Louis Poulsen

The PH 2/1 Table Lamp from Louis Poulsen is a true classic, not to mention an international design icon. The table lamp produces a downward-facing light and is designed with a reflective multi-lampshade system. This creates a harmonic lamp that doesn’t blind.

PH 2/1 Table Lamp – €634

8. Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp from Gubi

The Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp from Gubi is a perfectly minimalist lamp that is well suited for home offices, creative spaces, by bed, and in the living room. This design icon from Gubi presents a range of opportunities. This lamp is world-famous and often associated with Winston Churchill.

Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp – from €599

We hope this list has made your Christmas shopping a smidge easier and if not, we’re always prepared to answer your questions and help you find the right fit.

On behalf of Lampemesteren, Merry Christmas.