Christmas Ideas for the kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means it’s time to buy Christmas presents! We’ve put together a guide to give you the inspiration you need to find the best gift for the children in your family. We’ve chosen ten wonderful lamps that are popular amongst kids, so there’s something for everyone (and something for every budget).

1. Miffy First Light

Miffy First Light is the smallest edition of Miffy the Bunny. The lamp is 30 cm tall and cast in silicone. This little lamp-friend will be your child’s stalwart companion for both play time and excursions. The lamp is rechargeable, making it perfectly portable. Miffy the Bunny comes in three sizes, all available right here.

Miffy First Light – €75

2. Eos from Vita

Eos is a unique lamp made from goose feathers, which create a soft, cosy glow. Eos is available as a floor lamp, table lamp and pendant, in white, grey and light brown. The shade is available in five sizes: 35 cm, 45 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, and 110 cm.

We recommend using a bulb from Philips Hue, as this makes it possible to choose the colour of the light (and much more).
These bulbs offer 16 million different colours, which is bound to entertain children and parents alike.

Browse the selection of Eos lamps here.

Eos from Vita – from €61

3. Nanuk from Mr. Maria

This cute white bear is named Nanuk and is a dream come true for a child’s room. This is a lamp that lightens the mood. Nanuk will become your child’s best friend in no time, as testified to by clients who have reached out to tell us how well the lamp has been received.

Nanuk – €154

4. Zoolight Elephant

This Elephant lamp is part of Zoolight’s collection of cute, glowing animals. This is a true classic when it comes to children’s rooms. The Zoolight Elephant is available in two different sizes - 27 cm tall and 12 cm tall. Also available as a wall lamp.

Zoolight Elephant – from €66

5. Flowerpot VP3 (Beige Red)

The Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp is a true classic that has become a staple in Scandinavian homes. This simple and elegant lamp is the perfect fit for a child’s room. This version is Beige Red, but the lamp is available in ten different colours, all of which are available to view right here.

Flowerpot VP3 (Beige Red) – €214

6. Flowerpot VP3 (Grey Beige)

We’ve chosen another Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp for this list, this time in the colour Grey Beige. The lamp is the perfect fit for any child’s room. As we mentioned in the previous suggestion, the table lamp is available in ten different colours, ensuring that you have plenty of options.

Flowerpot VP3 (Grey Beige) – €214

7. Light Strips from Philips Hue

LightStrips from Philips Hue is the perfect playful lamp for your child’s room. The lamp can be bent and shaped whichever way you please. There are plenty of options when it comes to making fun figures and shapes – and you can choose between 16 million colours.

LightStrips from Philips Hue – from €79,95

8. Bicoca Pale Pink

Bicoca is a colourful portable table lamp that you can bring absolutely anywhere. This lamp is the Pale Pink version, making it the perfect fit for a child who loves pink, but the lamp is available in various colours. This is a lovely lamp that will become your child’s stalwart companion in no time.

Bicoca Pale Pink Table Lamp – €188

9. Bicoca Light Blue

Yet another Bicoca Table Lamp, only in Light Blue this time. Browse all Bicoca lamps here.

Bicoca Light Blue Table Lamp – €188

10. Follow Me

The Follow Me lamp from Marset is a wonderful lamp, available in two sizes. You can bring the lamp with you wherever you go. This light and stylish lamp is the perfect fit for cosy lighting or as a night light in your child’s bedroom. Follow Me is dimmable and incredibly flexible.

Follow Me – from €188

We hope this list has made your Christmas shopping a smidge easier and if not, we’re always prepared to answer your questions and help you find the right fit.

On behalf of Lampemesteren, Merry Christmas!