Desk lamps – the lamp for your home office

Desk lamps – the lamp for your home office

Desk lamps – the lamp for your home office

Whether you work from home or just like to sit down at the desk to pay the occasional bill, it’s important to have the perfect desk lamp! When it comes to desk lamps, there are many options out there, and this article lists some of the most classic, entertaining, unique, and elegant choices.

Here is some inspiration for a stunning home office with a Kaiser Idell from Fritz Hansen.

Read more about our desk lamp suggestions to suit every style in the article below.

Gräshoppa from Gubi

The Gräshoppa table lamp in blue/grey was designed by Greta M. Grossman in 1947, and its sophisticated and playful design ensures continued relevance. It’s one of our very popular desk lamps.

The distinctive elongated conical lampshade is beautifully combined with a tubular brass holder—a great example of Grossman’s whimsical design language, which is at once classic and modern.

Find Gräshoppa here.

FlowerPot from &tradition

When we’re talking about desk lamps, we have to mention the popular Flowerpot designed by Verner Panton and currently being produced by &tradition. Its expression is classic and simple but somehow the lamp makes you look twice. Flowerpot creates a comfortable light and is available in many colours.

Find the Flowerpot lamps here.

Gear from Northern

One of the gorgeous new products for spring 2018 is this lovely table lamp from Northern. Gear is available with one or two lamps, and it’ll look amazing no matter which version you choose. The gear at the base ensures that you can set the lamps to your preference, shining the light in whichever direction you need. An incredibly lovely lamp that fits the industrial style to perfection and makes your desk cool and gorgeous.

Find Gear from Northern here.

Cap from Normann Copenhagen

Another lovely, modern option for the desk is the wonderful Cap from Danish Normann Copenhagen, available in four beautiful colours. Cap is a simple yet exciting lamp guaranteed to be a sight for sore eyes. The lampshade can be tilted to vertical, so it always faces in the exact direction you need them to.

Find the Cap lamps right here.

Wire from Verpan

This fantastic and completely unique table lamp was designed by Verner Panton and is bound to look great on the desk. The lamp was designed to look like an electrical bulb with a twist, and the body itself is carefully twisted along a chromed metal wire and crowned with a plastic lampshade that covers the bulb so it doesn’t blind. Available in white and yellow and in a small version that’ll be a lovely addition to your desk.

Bestlite from Gubi

The Bestlite lamps were designed by Robert Dudley Best in 1930 and are highly coveted worldwide, thanks to their strong references to the Bauhaus style. Winston Churchill, previous prime minister of the United Kingdom, personally selected the Bestlite BL1 table lamp for his desk at Whitehall, and the story goes that Churchill brought the lamp with him on his many trips around the world. This became the big break-through for Bestlite, and it’s now one of the big sellers from Gubi. The lamp is available in many different models and adds an exclusive look to your desk.

Find Bestlite right here.

Kizu from New Works

The New Works Kizu table lamp consists of two opposite-facing geometric shapes, and it looks more like two sculptures balancing on top of one another than an actual table lamp.

At first glance, Kizu looks like it could fall over at any moment. Naturally, that’s an illusion. It makes the lamp a fun and elegant addition to your desk.

In spring 2018, the lamp came out in a new black marble colour and a smaller size.

Find Kizu right here.

Tolomeo from Artemide

Classic desk lamps from Artemide that make the perfect fit for most homes. The Tolomeo lamps are available with a clamp for the table, in different sizes, and as a normal table lamp. No matter which version you choose, the lamp will add style and class to your desk.

Find all the Tolomeo models here.

Mr. Wattson from Piffany Copenhagen

If you’re not afraid of a little humour on your desk, then let Mr. Wattson move into your home! A quirky little guy who’s bound to bring you light and happiness.

His flexible body and long legs ensures that Mr. Wattson looks great on the desk and that his presence alone is enough to brighten the day.

Find Mr. Wattson here.

JWDA from Menu

Another option when it comes to lovely desk lamps is the popular JWDA from Menu. The lamp was inspired by oil lamps and created with the simplest of materials. The choice of materials makes the lamp delicate yet cool, and the simple expression ensures that it fits into most styles of décor.

If you want JWDA on your desk, you can find the lamps here.

Otto Watt from Luceplan

If you want to get your hands on a classic architect lamp, Otto Watt from Italian Luceplan might be a great fit for you. The lamp features built-in LED and bathes your desk in a beautiful glow.

Find Otto Watt here.

Archi from Light Point

A design icon and piece of history that spans generations, where the Archi T2 Table Lamp – or architect lamp – has lit up everything from desks to reading nooks. A classic solution that’s perfect for any home.

Find Archi here.

Ball Table Lamp from Frandsen

Since Benny Frandsen designed Ball back in 1968, more than two million Ball lamps have been sold, and it’s not hard to see why. The lamp is classic and versatile, making it the perfect fit for any desk.

Find the Ball Table Lamp right here.

Kelvin Edge from Flos

Another simple and useful desk lamp is Kelvin Edge from Flos. The lamp is fitted with a three-step dimmer and soft-touch button.

Find Kelvin Edge here.

String T1 from Rotaliana

The Rotaliana collection is a series of LED lamps that provide an excellent reading light. The high-quality lamp features an Italian design, and the coloured elastic detail makes the lamp truly unique. It would look stunning on any desk!

Find String T1 here.

As you can see, there are plenty of gorgeous possible additions to your desk, and whether you prefer a classic or more modern look, you’re bound to find the perfect lamp for your desk in our collection.

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