Dining table lamps

Having the perfect lamp above the dining table is a key part of creating the perfect atmosphere when you gather with family and guests. When picking a dining table lamp, you need to consider the size of the dining room, whether it has low or high ceilings, and how much furniture it houses. The bigger the room, the bigger the lamp can be. Most people have less space in the dining room—for example, it might only be big enough for a simple dining table and some chairs. Your choice of dining table lamp should also consider architecture and design generally, not to mention tastes and preferences. Dining tables are often used for purposes other than eating, doubling as a workspace and the table where the kids do their homework.

Albiona 3 Pendant Black/White from Arcchio is a lamp unlike any other. The staggered rings bring a beautiful dynamic look to the dining table. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off it. The integrated LED light creates a comfortable warm white glare-free light that results in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere—in other words, you can’t go wrong with this exquisite pendant above the dining table.
Juliven LED Pendant Ø50 Black/Gold from Lindby is the perfect lamp for dining tables! Aside from having a unique and decorative design that suits most styles of décor, it also features an integrated LED light concealed behind a cover that distributes the light as a comfortable glare-free glow that reaches every corner of the room as a uniform glow. With this pendant, your guests are in for a comfortable evening bathed in a luxurious glow that contributes to the cosy and harmonious atmosphere.
Elidan Pendant from Lucande is an elegant, unique design available in white and black. The pendant has a soft and wavy design that makes it a pleasure to behold. The inside of the lampshade features a lovely brass hue that softens the light, contributing to the warm, cosy, and comfortable atmosphere that’s perfect for bringing the family together.
Lavinja Pendant Smart Home White/Chrome from Lindby is a decorative and exciting design that has an aesthetic edge, especially when it’s on. This is because you can set the colour of the light using an app on your smartphone, where you can choose between all the colours of the rainbow from blue to pink or even stick to a natural warm white. In other words, you’ll always have the perfect light for every occasion, whether it's a party or just another Monday.

NB! The product can’t be returned if its value has been diminished, i.e. if it has been assembled or used.
Jusra 3 Pendant Black from Lindby is an extraordinary and elegant design with the power to spruce up any dining room. The three unique pendants are incredibly decorative whether the light is on or not, so your guests are guaranteed to admire the fixture day and night alike. The slats on the remarkable lampshades allow the warm white light to shine through into the room, where they cast lovely shadows that contribute to the relaxed and cosy atmosphere, making this the perfect dining table lamp under which to unite with friends and family.
A height-adjustable dining table is an obvious choice when you want to fulfil every need around the dining table. On the left, you can see The Pendant from Wegner, the height of which can be adjusted using a handle that is a lovely integrated part of the design.
Beads Penta from Innermost is the name of this magnificent, juicy blackberry of a pendant that you just want to gobble up. The small spheres hide the light source and distribute the light.
The colour of your dining table plays a key role, so the light needs to be soft and relaxed to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and looks their best.
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