Flowerpot – An Eternal Classic

Verner Panton was one of the bubbliest designers in twentieth-century Denmark. His relationship with the Danish design tradition sets him apart from the crowd of furniture designers in the 1950s and 1960s, like Hans J. Wegner, Finn Juhl, and Arne Jacobsen, all of whom had achieved great international success. While they preferred to work with wood and other natural materials, Panton experimented with newer materials like plastic, acrylic sheets, steel, Styrofoam, and other synthetic materials. Nowadays, he is best known for his wild, colourful designs and his almost scientific approach to techniques and understanding of materials.

In 1969, his experimental approach to design resulted in the creation of the iconic Flowerpot lamp. The lamp was introduced for the first time at an exhibition in Cologne, where Verner Panton had been tasked with designing a showroom for a yacht. To this day, the exhibition is one of the most famous and spectacular exhibitions in design history.

The wonderful VP1 pendant was originally intended for use by the hospitality industry, but it didn’t take long before the pendant found its way into private homes where it continues to dominate in all its timeless glory. The downward-facing light is an excellent choice for dining tables where the pendant casts a gorgeous light without blinding.

The timeless and simple design of the VP3 table lamp makes it suited for most homes. With a lampshade diameter of 23cm and a small base, the lamp is easily incorporated into your interior design without taking up too much space. Place it on a small dresser or a shelf in the living room, and allow it to contribute to the cosy atmosphere.

A rejuvenated classic

Verner Panton’s lamp was originally intended for the hospitality industry, but following the exhibition, demand exploded, and it wasn’t long before the Flowerpot pendant could be found hanging above dining tables in homes all over the world. Based on the success of the Flowerpot pendant, Verner Panton went on to design the Flowerpot garden lamp and the Flowerpot table lamp in 1971.

The Flowerpot lamp had a serious comeback in the 1990s, when interest in 60s and 70s design resurfaced. Back then, you had to find the Flowerpot lamp at flea markets or online, but with the relaunch of the Flowerpot in 2003, &tradition brought a true design icon back to life. These days, the pendant is made in the two original sizes; the Flowerpot VP1 pendant with a diameter of 23 cm. and the Flowerpot VP2 pendant with a diameter of 50 cm, as well as the medium size (launched in 2019), the Flowerpot VP7 pendant with a diameter of 37 cm. Furthermore, the table lamp is available in two different versions; the Flowerpot VP3 table lamp and the Flowerpot VP4 table lamp.

The retro bandwagon is still going strong, and we continue to embrace the designs of the 70s that are easily incorporated into Scandinavian décor. We appreciate Verner Panton lamps in our homes, and interest in the Flowerpot VP1 pendant and Flowerpot VP3 table lamp continues to dominate.

The unique Lampemesteren Flowerpot

The wonderful lamp is already available in a range of gorgeous colours, but at Lampemesteren, we want to have a Flowerpot in our very own colour. In collaboration with &tradition, we have secured our own Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp, and Flowerpot VP1 Pendant in Soft Green.

Inspired by the rolling hills, Soft Green is a shade of green with yellow undertones. The neutral and sophisticated colour creates a feeling of stillness and calm, and it is easily incorporated into Scandinavian décor. This new lamp allows you to bring a touch of personality into your interior design whilst benefiting from the comfortable light that does not blind – regardless of whether you choose to use it at home or at the office.

The green colour is the perfect fit for a society where we focus increasingly on selfcare, wellbeing, and reuniting with nature. We are focused on bringing nature into our interior design, as it allows us to build a calm and peaceful atmosphere to retreat into and recharge.

Choosing a colour is never an easy task, but after much consideration and thorough research of current trends, we have no doubt that the combination of Verner Panton’s wonderful lamp and this calm colour is bound to be a hit.

Find the beautiful Flowerpot in Soft Green here.