Kartell lamps – from practical to luxurious design

In 1949, Giulio Castelli opened a business that made plastic items for the car industry. Later in his career, the Italian chemical engineer began to create lab equipment and household products. He was one of the first to introduce plastic to our homes, and that would prove to be the future for the Kartell business. These days, Kartell is a designer brand with a long line of design classics of furniture and lighting to its name.

Plastic is at the core of Kartell’s DNA. Although most of us don’t associate plastic with luxury, the clear polycarbonate is present across their wide selection—particularly in their lighting solutions. For the past 70 years, Kartell have managed to change the attitude that plastic is practical to seeing it as luxurious. Through to their work with the plastic material—in terms of surfaces, textures, colours, and transparency—they have developed a noble, gorgeous material.

Since the beginning, Kartell has focused on technology and design. Both elements are important for the business that uses recent technology to create plastic using their modern design. An example of the outcome of this process is their clear plastic. Many hours have gone into creating the right clarity and texture to make the plastic look crystalline.

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Crystal Table Lamps

Crystal Table Lamps

One of the most popular Kartell lamps is the lovely Bourgie table lamp. The classic Baroque-inspired design has become a hit, particularly in Scandinavian homes. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, one of the many talented designers who have created unique lamps for Kartell’s collection. Made from clear polycarbonate, the lamp is an excellent example of Kartell’s ability to creative exclusive designs using plastic.
Another successful lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, is the Kabuki collection, which consists of the pendant, table, and floor lamp, as well as a Mini Kabuki table lamp—a new take on the classic lamp design with a distinct woven structure. Thanks to the untraditional surface, the lamp has an elegant and unique expression that makes you think of crystals. Using an innovative spray technique, Kartell has created a lamp collection that stands out from the crowd.
One of the main trends of our time is wireless home products—and that includes lighting. With a wireless lamp, you can bring your light around the home with you without having to worry about being close to a socket. The small classic table lamp Battery, is a table lamp with a clear plastic lampshade decorated with beautiful facets that contribute to its distinct, crystal-like appearance.
In partnership with Fabio Novembre, Kartell have created a reinterpretation of the classic lantern. Made from clear moulded thermoplastic, the Lantern table lamp provides a fairy-tale-like interaction between light and shadow whenever the lamp is on. Like the Battery lamp, the Lantern is charged by USB—and when charged, it’s ready for adventure whether inside or outside.
If you prefer futuristic design, the Kartell collection has the perfect lamp for you. The Space table lamp is inspired by the Seattle Space Needle that adorns the Seattle skyline. Based on the distinct shape of the building design, Adam Tihany has created a tribute to the eye-catching construction in the form of a modern lamp that reflects Kartell’s design DNA to perfection.
In collaboration with the Italian fashion house Moschino, Kartell has created a decorative table lamp for fans of fashion: the Toy table lamp. The seated Teddy bears a white t-shirt that reads ‘This is not a Moschino Toy’ and represents the playful, irreverent, and colourful style that the two brands have in common. The teddy is the Moschino trademark. We’ve seen it in print, but now it’s also available as a lamp.
Plastic and sustainability

Plastic and sustainability

Most of us don’t associate plastic with sustainability. Many people connect it with pollution, but that isn’t necessarily true—it depends on the kind of plastic. Kartell usually uses polycarbonate, which is 95% recyclable, doesn’t generate waste, and doesn’t create smoke that pollutes the air.

All their furniture and lighting products are made with great respect for the environment and sustainability. Thanks to the way they process their materials, their products are completely recyclable, and their packaging is made from reusable and recyclable material. All based on 70 years of technical research, creative solutions, and new materials.

Although Kartell have previously ventured outside their comfort zone and experimented with other materials, plastic will always hold a special place in Kartell’s heart. That’s where it all started more than 70 years ago, and the material will always be a prominent feature of their portfolio.

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