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‘Light is a prerequisite for life,’ is the LightYears motto.

- Regardless of whether you’re talking about life as a whole or in the context of your home, we all have high expectations for light solutions.

- LightYears has an extensive list of requirements and standards for their lamps to live up to, in terms of how they look and what they do. The light has to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

- LightYears strives to develop lamps that continue to raise the bar for design and quality. The company has done this time and time again by establishing partnerships with some of the most talented and visionary architects and designers in the industry.
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More about LightYears lamps

There must always be a clear connection between a lamp’s shape and functionality and for LightYears, the number one priority is to provide functional lighting that is aesthetically pleasing regardless of whether it is on or off.

This is the concept on which LightYears was built. The company continues to challenge the way we think about light and the entire organisation is built up around the idea of innovation. The company’s drive to bring excellent ideas to life comes from its goal to change the way we think about functionality and aesthetics.

Since 2005, LightYears has developed and manufactured high-quality lamps for professional and private customers. The company’s partnerships with some of the best designers and architects in the entire world has helped give rise to a collection of unique lamps that combine tradition and innovation in the best way possible. This is a brand that knows how to challenge itself to create beautiful lamps that improve the user experience. The company’s vision is to be one of the biggest names in Danish interior lighting.

The company’s lamps are used in spectacular lighting installations at restaurants, hotels, businesses and homes all over the world. LightYears is proud of its Scandinavian heritage and sees light, functionality, and aesthetics as a natural holy trinity. This has been LightYears’ core concept since the company was founded in 2005. Its dedication to excellent shape and functionality has allowed LightYears to develop lovely and functional lamps enjoyed by all.

About LightYears Caravaggio and other popular lamps

The LightYears Caravaggio pendant lamp was released in 2005 and became a design icon almost instantly. The lamp merges the recognisable LightYears shape with a modern expression that sets it apart from other lamps. Caravaggio is designed with a metal lampshade with soft, feminine curves. As a contrast to the feminine look, the designers have added chrome suspension. The design is nothing short of groundbreaking. To complete the look, Caravaggio is fitted with fabric, which helps direct the downward-facing light. The Caravaggio collection also includes standing and mounted lamps in three different colours: black, white and grey.

In terms of fabrication, LightYears works with robust materials like copper, steel, glass and acrylics, which helps keep the company’s designs timeless. The collections include a selection of unique lamps, such as their popular Orient pendant lamps. The Orient lamp was designed in 1963 by Jo Hammerborg and re-released by LightYears in 2013. The current version is a modern take on the classic, complete with a timeless design and clean lines. The lampshade plays a subdued role in the overall design, while the fixture’s rosewood veins are a prominent feature. The lamp produces a comfortable light that doesn’t blind.

Radon is one of the new additions to the LightYears collection. The lamp is designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen and characterised by its use of geometric shapes. Radon has been part of the classic lighting collection at Kunstindustrimuseet since 2005.

One of the company’s more unique lamps is Lullaby, which is available in three different pendant sizes. The lamp was designed to be light, beautiful and sustainable, using ash tree slats and stone paper – made of crushed limestone. stone paper meets to form a pentagonal shape, consisting of slim slats, which helps shape the lamp. The paper has exceptional qualities in terms of its effect on lighting, as it softens the light from the lamp. The lowest-placed bend in the shade helps ensure that the light isn’t blinding.
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