Loom Design Ceiling Lamps

If you like stylish lamps with a simple and elegant expression, LOOM Design is perfect for you. Their lamps are built around functionality, simple design, and the trends of our time. The minimalist expression is the perfect fit for most homes, no matter if your style is more modern or classic.

Ceiling lamps can have various features. They’re often used to create a good overall light in the room, as is the case of the stylish and timeless Lucia Ceiling Lamp from LOOM Design. Alternatively, ceiling lamps can help illuminate a specific area. In this case, you would often use spots, such as the Ray Track Spot from LOOM Design.
Lucia 35 Ceiling Lamp White/Gold - Loom Design
RRP EUR 296.00
Expected in stock: 12-04-2024
Aim Double Spot Black - Loom Design
RRP EUR 215.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
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