Louis Poulsen – focusing on the correct light

Louis Poulsen is known throughout Denmark and the world for his approach to the correct light. That was one of the main things on Poul Henningsen’s mind when he designed the first PH lamps using the three-shade principle that allowed him to achieve a light that didn’t blind.

The correct light still matters a great deal to Louis Poulsen, and thanks to developments in technology, there are more options for amazing light settings than ever. Read more about Poul Henningsen here

LED technology in focus

LED technology in focus

Louis Poulsen have thoroughly incorporated new LED technology into their lamp designs. This is clear to see in new additions like the Yuh collection and the small Panthella Mini.
These days, many of the classics are available in LED versions. This is true for both the PH Artichoke and the AJ Eklipta

Lately, the company have started making kits to turn Louis Poulsen classics into lamps with built-in LED. If you want to convert your Louis Poulsen lamp to an LED version, you’re welcome to get in touch with our customer service who will look into whether this is an option.

There are two different kinds of kits.

  • Replacement kits: for these, Louis Poulsen recommends getting an electrician to upgrade your lamp.
  • Retro fit kits: these kits are relatively simple to use on your own.

If you’re not sure you can do it yourself, we recommend getting in touch with your electrician.

The list of lamps with available replacement kits or retro fit kits is updated regularly, but we’ve listed some of the lamps that currently have LED upgrades available below.

    Replacement kits:
  • AJ 50 Wall
  • Flindt Wall
  • Enigma 825
  • NJP
  • AJ Eklipta

    Retro fit kits:
  • PH Snowball
  • PH 5-4½
  • VL45 Ø370
  • PH Artichoke Ø480

Various advantages of LED

Various advantages of LED

There are many benefits to LED technology, regardless of whether you’re thinking about the environment or just the electricity bill. Recent LED technology gives your lamp a uniform light and opens up for unique options as far as design is concerned. We’re no longer limited by the need to have a plug and a traditional light source.

On top of that, LED technology is kinder to our wonderful planet as LED uses less electricity. As an added bonus, your electricity bill will fall drastically if more than half of your lights are LED.

If you have any questions about LED light sources for your Louis Poulsen lamp or the option to upgrade to built-in LED technology, you’re always welcome to get in touch with our customer service.

Our online shop also offers a wide range of spare parts of Louis Poulsen lamps.
Find your spare part here.

If you can’t find the spare part you’re looking for, send us an email with a photo and we’ll see if we can get hold of it for you.

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