Piffany Table Lamps

Piffany Copenhagen are known for their design of the quirky Mr. Wattson table lamp – a fun and lively gentlemen. Aside from bringing joy and a smile to the lips, the table lamp provides a practical light that can be adjusted up to 120 degrees. The flexible body can be used in various places, such as on the windowsill or the table. Inspired by classic vintage cars, the head of the lamp is available in various colours.

Another gorgeous table lamp is the Hipp LED table lamp. Its expression is similar to that of Mr. Wattson. The neat retro look builds on a lampshade with an excellent colour while the body is made of wood. You can adjust the light so it lights up whatever surface you need to see, making it the ideal fit for use as a table lamp on a desk.

The table lamps are a good example of Piffany Copenhagen’s flair and of the balance between practical and exciting design. Every product has its personality and a unique expression. The Danish design firm is focused on sustainable production, limiting their impact on the environment, and maintain a high standard of quality.
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