Seletti Pendants

With a Seletti lamp, you always have a lighting solution that grabs attention in the room. Their unusual products are often inspired by everyday objects paired with design and bordering on art.

Aside from the popular Monkey Lamp, the collection includes Fingers and the Linea LED lamp. Two very different pendants from Seletti – one is made from brass with a structured surface, as if it had been modulated using the fingers – and the other has a simple design in the shape of a neon tube. It is protected by an almost-invisible acrylic tube, and it was designed to float mid-air.

Find the unique Seletti pendants below.
Linea LED Lampe Blue - Seletti
RRP EUR 101.00
In stock now
Maman Pendant Transparent - Seletti
RRP EUR 551.00
Back in stock on: 06-12-2023
Monkey Chandelier White - Seletti
RRP EUR 2,256.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Monkey Chandelier Black - Seletti
RRP EUR 2,148.00
Back in stock on: 23-02-2024
Linea LED Lampe Yellow - Seletti
RRP EUR 101.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Linea LED Lampe Red - Seletti
RRP EUR 101.00
Back in stock on: 14-12-2023
Cut & Paste Pendant Ø26 - Seletti
RRP EUR 118.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
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