Swap your candles out for lifelike LED candles

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of LED candles at home. For ages, the battery-powered lights have seemed artificial, deterring many people from using them. Another common objection has been that the fake light fails to contribute to the cosy atmosphere in the same way as a live candle. But thanks to innovative LED technology, these lights become more and more lifelike as time goes on. These days, it can be hard to tell a traditional candle apart from an LED version.

If you want to recreate the cosy atmosphere we know and love from candles, you can go ahead and choose a smart LED light. Whether at home, in a shop, or at a restaurant, you don’t need to compromise when it comes to the look or warm atmospheric glow.

Reasons to choose LED candles
Many people out there think that artificial candles chip away at the authentic and cosy feeling. The newest technological developments mean that you can’t tell the difference unless someone points it out to you. But there are other advantages worth pointing out:

Safety is one of them—and perhaps the most important. Around Christmas, firefighters are often called out to fires caused by neglected Christmas decorations. With an LED light, the worst thing that can happen if you forget about it is that it runs out of battery. It doesn’t heat up too much, so there isn’t any risk of children or animals burning themselves either.

There are also advantages to reap in terms of your home atmosphere. They don’t soot like candles, so they don’t irritate your eyes, nose, or lungs—even if you have a bunch of them on at the same time. The light can be used for longer than the traditional solution as it runs on batteries. You can boost the economic advantage by using rechargeable batteries. With electrical lights, you can also leave the light “burning” on your windowsill when you aren’t home so it always looks like someone is in.
As an alternative to candles in your home

As an alternative to candles in your home

The most common types of candles are tealights, tapered lights, and candles, all of which are available in LED versions. The traditional tealights can be used in small tealight holders on tables or windowsills. They are also the perfect fit for indoor lanterns, as they don’t cause the lanterns to overheat.

If you have a larger lantern or other decorative element, you can use the LED candles. These are an amazing alternative for creative decorations or wreaths, as you don’t run the risk of the candles getting too low and setting flammable materials on fire. Likewise, you avoid candlewax running down the sides and ruining tablecloths, windowsills, etc.

A new addition to the world of LED candles is tapered lights, which look like normal candles when seen from a distance. They have the same size as the traditional tapered light and fit perfectly in your favourite candelabra where the charming lifelike flame truly comes into its own.

LED candles with remote controls and timers
More and more LED lights are fitted with a timer function and/or remote control. It isn’t an absolute necessity, but it has its advantages. With a remote control, you can turn your lights on and off without removing them from the candelabra or lantern. With a timer, you can set the lights to turn off automatically—often after 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours, which is the burning time of many traditional candles. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn off your candles and using up unnecessary battery life.
Uyuni Lighting - LED lights with unique 3D flames

Uyuni Lighting - LED lights with unique 3D flames

The Danish company Uyuni Lighting offer a range of battery-powered lights that are currently some of the most popular on the market. The flame has no physical movement, so it doesn’t drain the battery. Thanks to LED technology, their artificial candles produce a particularly lifelike flame that resembles a small flame flickering lightly. Regardless of whether you choose the tealight, candle, or tapered light, you’re bound to end up with the cosy atmosphere we know from live candles. A great alternative that makes your décor that much safer without compromising the atmosphere in your home.

The unique 3D flame was inspired by the clear night sky above the Bolivian salt flats in Uyuni. Thanks to the clean air and the distance from light pollution, the night sky over the isolated salt flats is crystal clear. The aim of the designer is to bring remote galaxies into homes all over the world—the result of this endeavour is this innovative range of candles with carefully flickering light.

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