The Architect Lamp–Flexible lighting for the entire home

These days, the architect lamp is available for private homes, and it’s still a popular solution for offices and general workplaces. We no longer have the same need to have a desk at home, as most people work on their laptops. In spite of that, the architect lamp—in its various iterations—is still a staple in décor, and it has gotten a new surge of attention because of its consistent focus on retro design. Scandinavian décor continues to put functional design and iconic classics in focus. The architect lamp is thriving, but these days it uses energy-saving LED bulbs rather than incandescent ones. It keeps popping up in new interpretations, and we continue to use it in the new context.

Although it’s been close to 90 years since the architect lamp first saw the light of day, it’s just as popular as ever in modern décor. No matter what your practical lighting needs are, the architect lamp is guaranteed to fulfil them. Floor, ceiling, wall, or table—there’s a model for any placement imaginable around your home. In other words, there are innumerable ways to use the lamp at home.

If you want a flexible and practical bedside light with a modern expression, the architect lamp is the ideal fit. You could go for the popular Original 1227 wall lamp. Its impressive range is even suited for use beside elevation beds. If you need a bedside light you can use as a reading light, the architect lamp is the way to go. The sharp and concentrated light ensures that you don’t need to strain your eyes just to read. On top of that, you get a lamp that lights up the entire room and doesn’t disturb your partner when they want to sleep.

When choosing a lamp for your kitchen, it’s important to find something that gives you a good light for your work space. An architect lamp for your wall or ceiling is the ideal choice if you want flexibility. The 302 ceiling lamp or the 213 wall lamp by Lampe Gras are both sturdy and simple solutions that provide an amazing light for when you’re preparing lunches or dinner.
In recent years, the home office has seen quite the revival! We’re spending more and more time working for home, so it’s essential to have the right light to guide you. Brands like Leucos have understood the assignment and created the JJ lamp collection. The collection includes pendants, wall lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps. The latter is particularly great for offices, whether at home or not, due to its size and flexibility, making it perfect for your desk. All the lamps in the collection are a modern take on the classic architect lamp design, and the table lamps are what you might call a classic architect lamp.

The JJ table lamp possesses the flexibility of a classic architect lamp as its arms and lampshade can be adjusted to shine in various directions, so you always have the light you need. The table lamps are also equipped with a dimmable LED light, so you can change the brightness to suit your working hours. The elegant design comes in various sizes and colours with and without a base, so there’s a model for everyone, no matter your style and needs. Adorn your desk with this classic: a practical and decorative addition to your décor that never goes out of style.

Want to see the unique JJ collection from Leucos? Find it here
You need a good light in connection with your couch arrangement or your arm chair of choice where you tend to curl up with knitwear or a good book. The Archi by Nordic Living ensures an incredible flexible light. The lamp has a clamp function and can easily be mounted on a shelf or the edge of a table, not to mention moved again if needed. The lamp is available in various colours and suits all styles of décor.

The desk in your child’s room should be lit up properly so they can do their homework, practice drawing, or work on other small creative projects. The Type 75 table lamp is the classic standing architect lamp, available in various eye-catching colour combinations. The Type 75 table lamp is a decorative and practical solution for your child’s room that works for both you and your child. The unique table lamp is available in two sizes with maximum heights of 50 and 66 cm respectively—sizes that make the lamp suitable for use as a lamp on the bedside table as well.
Modern décor uses the architect lamp in various new contexts. One of the more eye-catching and creative interpretations is the giant architect lamp: the Tolomeo Mega floor lamp. Artemides’ Tolomeo collection is home to some of the most popular architect lamps, and the collection has won innumerable prizes since its launch in 1987.

The distinct floor lamp offers a height and range that allows you to place it above your dining table or use it to light up your coffee table. No mounting on the walls or the ceiling is required, so the lamp is easy to incorporate into your existing décor. Just like smaller architect lamps, the light from the mega lamp is adjustable, making it simple to use if you want to move your dining table to fit more dinner guests. The lamp creates freedom in your décor and contributes to a unique expression bound to make an impression.  

The French engineer Bernard Albin-Gras designed the revolutionary desk lamp with an adjustable arm and ball joint in the early 1920s. In the years that followed, his invention was widespread in offices, labs, workrooms, and other places in need of flexible work light. The lamp became a hit with architects, and it spread like wildfire in their community—hence the name. Bernard Gras sold the rights to his lamp, and that was when the first Gras lamp went into production.

In 1932, another engineer, by the name of George Carwadine, swapped the adjustable ball joints out for a spring system consisting of four springs that could be moved around without losing their position. The lampshade focused the light on a workspace while the heavy base created stability—even when using the full range of the lamp. A few years later, the lamp went into production as the ”Anglepoise 1208”, later joined by the more elegant ”Anglepoise 1227”, which is still made and sold today.

The architect lamp is no longer the orange retro lamp that was a staple on desks for many years. Our range of architect lamps boasts a range of incredible interpretations—some are more faithful to the classic retro design than others, while some offer a Scandinavian expression in a selection of colours. What they all have in common is their flexible arm and concentrated light, fit for use all over the home.