Louise Campbell

Born: 1970
Best known work: Campbell pendant, Collage pendant, Snow floor Lamp, LC Shutters - all for Louis Poulsen
Education: Designer

Louise Campbell was born in Copenhagen to a Danish father and an English mother and she has lived in both countries. After graduating from the London College of Furniture in 1992, she returned to Denmark where she continued her studies.

In 1996 she created her own studio, focused on furniture design and lightning. Her designs are playful, and there are elements of Scandinavian feminism in all her work. She is very concerned about the environment and started the foundation “Walk The Plank”, which is a collaboration between 90 designers who have all donated original designs for the cause.

Louise Campbell has several collaborations with Danish superbrand Louis Poulsen on her resume, and her work is very popular throughout the world.
Collage 600 White - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 1,555.00
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Collage 450 White - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 989.00
Back in stock on: 03-10-2022
LC Shutters White - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 643.00
Expected in: 3 - 5 days
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