Embacco Lamps

Embacco Lighting has been involved in a range of lighting projects and designs since 1994.

In 2008, Embacco Lighting released their first collection, consisting of two outdoor lamps: Welcome and Light U.

Up until 2012, the collection was designed using the traditional “hard” materials like metal, glass, and plastic. Embacco calls this period in the company’s history “HardWare”.

In mid-2012, Embacco chose to change direction and focus on finding a way to soften up their products—thus moving into the “SoftWare” period.
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More about Embacco

The concept behind Embacco is based on personal experience. A couple of years ago, the founder—Lise Nørgaard—started feeling sensitive towards sounds when she found herself in rooms with hard materials and many people talking at the same time. She started looking into whether other people experienced the same discomfort and it turned out she was far from alone. At the time, Embacco was producing lamps using hard materials and Lise decided to turn the manufacturing process upside down and start using sound-absorbing material. These lamps are perfect for rooms with high ceilings and hard materials.

Embacco lamps combine good lighting with great sound qualities—and that’s rare. The lamps are perfect for any room that needs to be brightened without losing its comfortable acoustics.
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