Mazo is Danish design brand, that was established in spring 2019. Same time they released their first lamp collection 16 PLUS, which is inspired by the Nordic materials and thousands of years old Japanese ceramic traditions. The collection consists of two types of wall lamps, table lamp and two different type of pendants. Besides lighting, Mazo creates furniture for homes. They produce and relaunch iconic international design classics, as well as the gems that were originally only produced in a small number.

They have focus on creating beautiful and functional design, with simple and sensual expressions. Collection’s lamps come right to its own, when the lamp’s warm light shines through the ceramic shade and protects the eyes from being dazzled. As contrast for this, lamp’s robust and molded oak gives a calm Nordic expression to it.
16PLUS Table Lampe White - Mazo
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Snorre Læssøe Stephensen

Lamp collection 16PLUS is made out of bone china and oak . It was originally designed in 1979 for an exhibition of the same name, at Design museum in Denmark. Behind the design stands the Danish / Japanese potter Snorre Læsøe Stephensen, who continues to manufacture his pottery in his studio and shop in Zealand, Denmark. He found his way to work with porcelain and clay, in collaboration with his father; designer and architect Magnus Læsøe Stephensen. Magnus' designs are also represented in Mazo's collection in the form of unique furniture designs.

Snorre's sources of inspiration and techniques have roots almost a thousand years old Japanese traditions. Still, his distinctive design has a modern expression that remains simple and delicate. He lived for a long period in Japan, studying Japanese ceramic traditions and Japanese art. He subsequently designed for the Kongelige Porcelænsfabrik (nowadays known as Royal Copenhagen) and later he was the manager of the department of ceramics at the Danish Design School.

Behind Mazo stands Snorre’s son; Magnus Stephensen, together with Louise Buus and Magnus Sangild. They have focus on creating timeless design, that will still be relevant in 50 years.

Magnus Stephensen says that; "Foresight and before his time, as my grandfather was when he, for example designed our WNG Chair, it is equally important that all our designs can last for generations and are suitable in the future"
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